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Upper Cervical Care For Sciatica, Shoulder, Neck, And Back Pain

Sciatica, neck, shoulder, and back pain are conditions Upper Cervical Care can help. If you have tried other traditional chiropractic care and didn’t get the results you were aiming for, you might want to try Upper Cervical Care at Revive Upper Cervical in Cranberry Twp.

Most neck and back pain comes from tight muscles and worn-out joints. The upper neck area of the spine sustains more damage throughout our life. When we have accidents and injuries, the alignment of the neck gets damaged first since it’s the weakest link.

Over time, this spinal misalignment can cause wear and tear on joints of the lower neck, the lower back, the hips, and the shoulders.

Our job at Revive Upper Cervical is to realign the spine in the most gentle and precise way, get your head back on straight, and get you back to living a full life without pain.

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 If you’re dealing with neck, shoulder, back pain, or sciatica, you’ve probably been to chiropractors or physical therapists. So let me tell you a little about why upper cervical can offer a solution. Perhaps you haven’t received the results you have been looking for. 

When we look at neck and back pain, most of it comes from tight muscles and worn-out joints. One of the things we have to ask ourselves is why? Why are these muscles in spasm and why are my joints worn out?

Your upper neck is an area that is super mobile as it is. We have different types of accidents and injuries throughout life that part of the spine sustains more damage than the rest of us because, again, it’s already so mobile. It has a lot of motion, movement, flexibility, all of those kinds of things. 

When you look at the spine, it’s really controlled and regulated by the weight of your head and the balance of your inner ears. So very often when we have accidents and injuries throughout our life, the alignment of the neck gets damaged first because it’s the weakest link.

When the weight of the head and the inner ears are off, the rest of the spine will compensate. This causes one hip to raise, the other side to drop lower, one leg to appear a little longer, and one leg to functionally be a little shorter. Over time, this spinal misalignment can wear and tear on the joints of the lower neck, the lower back, the hips, and the shoulders. 

Our job as Upper Cervical Chiropractors is to rebalance the entire spine using the weight of the head like a steering wheel and rebalance the head so that the shoulders and hips can follow suit. 

If we’ve had different accidents and injuries throughout life, it can damage the glue that’s responsible for holding the upper neck together. It will cause the head to shift off balance. That is where all of those other downstream effects will start to come in.

The upper cervical procedure is an extremely precise and gentle one, so it actually doesn’t require any bending, twisting, or cracking of the spine. When we do that impulse underneath the weight of the head, it not only balances the head and shoulders but very often balances the rest of the spine.

The spine balances

The muscles relax

The chronic tension




This all that radiates from the neck and back begins to subside as the spine comes back into balance.

So if you have been there, done that. You’ve been to physical therapy. You’ve been to the Chiropractor, or maybe you’re just scared of engaging with Chiropractic because you’ve heard about something twisting, cracking, popping or any of the reasons above.

If you’re dealing with chronic neck or back issues. You’re dealing with numbness or tingling in the hands or feet. We would encourage you to call the clinic. One way or another, we’ll get your head back on straight, as we like to say, get your spine in line, and get you back to living a full life. 

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