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Neurological Symptoms And How Upper Cervical Care Can Help

Cranberry Twp PA Upper Cervical Chiropractors Dr. Ian Bulow and Dr. Emily Savage discuss Neurological Symptoms and how Upper Cervical Care can help with these symptoms. Neurological Symptoms include Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Chiari Malformation, Trigeminal Neuralgia, and Vertigo.

These symptoms can be very disruptive to the quality of life. Yet, some might resign to the idea that “this is just the way it has to be.” The excellent news is Upper Cervical Care can help.

Watch the entire video to see the importance of Upper Cervical Care adjustments, especially to people that have not found any answers or help with their Neurological Symptoms.

One of the places where upper cervical chiropractic can shine is when it comes to more complex and chronic or difficult neurological conditions. Whether that is something like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s, Chiari malformation, general neuralgia, vertigo, etc. 

Often there’s no singular cause or singular tried and true treatment or cure for these types of things. We often end up being a great option for these types of people. In some cases, they have been kind of all over the place to a variety of different specialists just trying to receive some answers and some help. By the time they reach out, the quality of life is pretty poor.

We find that in the history of patients with these complex neurological conditions are significant accidents and injuries to their head and spine. It may have been decades ago, but the problem is that research has shown people that who have lived with these whiplash injuries, can diminish and affect the health of the brain. This is something that can over time lead to more complicated issues.

One of the benefits of coming into an office like this is that we are certainly going to do a very thorough consultation, a thorough exam, and imaging. We encourage these people to bring in any previous medical studies that they have done in the past. We will look at them from a different perspective. Either way, there are things that we evaluate when it comes to alignment and venous drainage, and cerebral spinal fluid that, unfortunately, can get missed or overlooked by a traditional radiology review. 

So we encourage patients with these complex neurological issues if they’ve had an MRI in the past, and bring that to a complimentary consultation here at the Revive UCC Clinic in Cranberry Twp for a review. 

Dr. Bulow talking with a Patient with Chiari Malformation:

If I get certain headaches, it feels like the pressure build-up and such. I find different migraines at different points.

Dr. B – Before getting treatment from upper cervical care, what were some of the symptoms related to the Chiari malformation and the spinal issues up at the top or some of symptoms you experienced?

I have a lot of pain just in my neck, and there were always migraines in my neck. I would go to my regular PCP and they gave me migraine pills, but they never help because they focus on migraines at the front of the head. My headaches are caused by neck pain. My neck feels swollen, and pressure goes from the bottom up. 

When we do our work, it’s very precise and gentle. Folks with more complex neurological conditions are safe in an environment like this because it’s not going to overstimulate the brain, and with precision and accuracy, it reduces the risk of flaring up the condition. 

Some conditions like Arnold Chiari Malformation, for example, are complicated neurological conditions. If done incorrectly, the procedure can really agitate the spine and agitate the brain. Within upper cervical chiropractic, the options we provide are extremely safe and gentle. 

Another patient of Revive UCC in Cranberry Twp suffered from post-concussion syndrome and stutter.

On August 16, I was playing soccer as a goalie for my soccer team, and I was kicked in the head when diving for the ball. I lost my ability to speak very quickly. I started to stutter. Then after developing a pseudo-seizure, I lost my ability to walk first. It was horrible.

I never thought it was going to end. I thought I was going to live the rest of my life this way. was thinking about all my friends that I would probably lose in the future, and the friends I lost when I got the concussion and how I’d never get them back. I was going to countless doctors. 

Then my mother met a friend of a friend who had a daughter with the same situation I was in, who went to Dr. Bulow of Revive UCC. After the first adjustment, you could immediately tell that my stutter was disappearing. I could just think a little bit more. I could get my thoughts out faster. And now that I’ve gone to them, my life has completely changed. 

People are talking to me again. I can focus. I’m going to school better, so I’m doing more work and getting better grades. I’m actually being active and hanging out with people again and continuing a normal life which was what I wanted all along.

I think it’s important for individuals with some of these chronic neurological conditions to get all of their options because we often will resign to just feeling like this is just the way it has to be. I can promise you that folks with these sorts of issues when they come to an environment of a precise chiropractic clinic and we work with them, they do see an improvement in their quality of life. 

Just improving is a powerful thing for someone with a chronic diagnosis. I would encourage you, if you are dealing with one of these complex chronic neurological disorders, to give yourself that hope. You deserve that. You deserve the chance to see if something can help you. 

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