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Migraine Headaches

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Most patients find relief from both acute and chronic migraine headaches without the dependence of medications

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    Real Patients Real Results

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    40 Years of Chronic Migraines

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    Sam G

    Dad found Migraine Headache Relief

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    Neuropathy & Migraines

    Evaluate underlying causes

    Our testing and treatment procedures are proven to be both safe and effective.

    No twisting, cracking or pulling

    The Blair Upper Cervical procedure is completely safe for patients of all ages.

    Cutting edge equipment

    The 3D CT imaging we offer is the gold standard for alignment assessment.

    Have you seen multiple doctors and tried different medications; yet not finding relief?

    While most medications focus on the location of pain, the doctors at the Revive clinic look to correct the ROOT CAUSE of most migraine headaches. Often times when the spine misaligns the shoulders and hips twist and turn, creating tension and pain throughout the body.


    Revive Upper Cervical in Cranberry Twp offers a complimentary consultation and screening process to determine if upper cervical care could help you correct your spinal alignment and get you out of pain

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      Learn More on Migraine Headaches & What You Can Do About Them!

      All questions answered by the doctors of Revive Upper Cervical in Cranberry Twp.

      Have any other questions, feel free to reach out. 

      Why Migraines Move from Back to Front?

      Did you know this about Migraine Headaches?

      Natural Relief for Migraine Headaches

      Vertigo, Migraines, & Tinnitus

      Treating Chronic Migraines

      College Student Found Relief from Migraines

      Benefits of working with The Revive UCC Clinic

      • Expert analysis and recommendations from experienced clinicians

      • Safe and effective treatment options

      • Correct the cause of the problem and get relief

      • Stop the cycle of dysfunction and return to a better life

      • Have a plan of action in place for lasting results

      Take Action Today

      All too often patients got lost in the world of disease management. When you are sent from one doctor to another, it is common to get discouraged and not allow yourself the hope of ever getting better. At Revive UCC our doctors will sit down with you and determine how best to help you not just manage symptoms, but actually, improve the function of your brain and nervous system.

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