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Pain Is Normal…Right?

Learn the truth about chronic pain, and what can be done to fight it It is always surprising to me when I have a conversation with someone and they comment, “Oh, you know….I get the normal amount of headaches, just a couple per week.” My immediate thought is WOW! You are getting several headaches per…

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Ruptured Disc In Neck Improves With Upper Cervical Care

When we’re able to decrease pain through natural health care such as Upper Cervical Care, often other aspects of our lives improve at the same time. When we experience a decrease in pain, quite frequently our sleep improves, and we don’t need to rely on toxic medications to make it through the day.  Natural health…

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Chronic Back Pain Improves With Upper Cervical Care


When I first came in, I had an acute situation where I had a pinched nerve in my neck, and after the first adjustment, it went away. That surprised me, because over the years I had seen a number of different types of doctors in a number of different situations for the low back. I…

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Life In Balance – Episode 2 – Life Connected

Life In Balance

LIFE IN BALANCE continues. Here is the next episode. I wrote this short speech for a toastmasters get together and I thought you might enjoy it. If you were given a microphone to the world with just minutes to speak, what would you say? Here is my answer to that question… Here is the transcript…

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