Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Neurological Disorders

Helping patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s Disease, and other chronic brain-based disorders find improvements to their quality of life.

Evaluate underlying causes

Our testing and treatment procedures are proven to be both safe and effective.

No twisting, cracking or pulling

The Blair Upper Cervical procedure is completely safe for patients of all ages.

Cutting edge equipment

The 3D CT imaging we offer is the gold standard for alignment assessment.

Are you ready to enhance your healthcare, try something different, and improve the health of your brain and nervous system?

Neurological problems are always serious problems. On top of managing diseases of the brain, we should be looking for ways to help the brain heal and function at its best. Expert spinal care has been shown to improve the health of the brain and the quality of life for countless patients at the Revive UCC clinic.

Our doctors work with neurologists and medical experts from Greater Pittsburgh Area to ensure the highest levels of clinical care and patient results.

Schedule a complimentary consultation and screening to determine if The Revive UCC clinic is able to help.​

    Hear about our patients’ #ReviveResults ​

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    Trigeminal Neuralgia & Upper Cervical Care - An interview with Dr. Ian Bulow

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    Resolution of speech stutter, difficulty walking, and Post Concussion Syndrome

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    Arnold Chiari Malformation & Upper Cervical Care - A interview with Dr. Ian Bulow

    Benefits of working with The Revive UCC Clinic

    • Expert analysis and recommendations from experienced clinicians

    • Safe and effective treatment options

    • Correct the cause of the problem and get relief

    • Stop the cycle of dysfunction and return to a better life

    • Have a plan of action in place for lasting results

    Learn more about neurological disorders.

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    Recovering Stroke Patients

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    Seizure Disorders

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    Vertigo & Dizziness

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    Headache Discussion

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    Vasovagal Syncope

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    What is CSF?