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At the heart of the Revive UCC clinic is Dr. Ian Bulow and his wife Cristina. Together they crafted the clinic to be a reflection of their family values: loving, honest, and hard working. Cristina, though not seen in person as much in the clinic, crafted the patient experience after years of experience running another family owned business. Dr. Bulow, after over a decade of clinic experience and continuing education, is one of the most sought after experts in his field (See more on that HERE https://www.reviveucc.com/about/dr-ian-bulow/). You will feel you are being cared for as family, because you are.

Alyssa Smith was born and raised in Cranberry Twp, home of the Revive UCC practice. She is the youngest of four in her family; Alyssa has always been interested in the health care field. In 2011 she went to Butler Community College to pursue in certification of Medical Billing and Coding. Alyssa is a very family oriented and always on the look out to help someone, as she says. “there is always more happiness in giving than there is in receiving!”. Alyssa joined Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic in 2014, bringing with her Medical Coding and Billing Experience to the practice. Alyssa was born and raised in Cranberry Twp, home of Revive UCC. She has always been interested in the medical field, but wanted to be on the business side of it. Alyssa is very family oriented and always seeking to help someone out.

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After years of practice the Revive UCC clinic asked their patients to describe in a word, what the clinic meant to them. Here are just some of the words given.

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