Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic


You don’t realize how bad you felt until you feel better.

Listen to one of our patients describe how she suffered from both fibromyalgia and Meniere’s disease.

After trying many different medications, she was able to find relief through upper cervical care in our office, and has returned to her work and life pain-free.

“My name is Sister Johanna Perush. I’m a Franciscan sister and I suffered from both fibromyalgia and Meniere’s syndrome, which left me wobbly the whole time. So a significant amount of pain everywhere in my body as well as what we call the fibro fog, not being able to get out of bed in the mornings, not being able to follow a conversation at the meeting unless I was sitting that I can see everybody on both sides and not have to turn my head because then I would get almost carsick. So I had to reschedule, restructure everything, scout scope out a room. The pain wouldn’t let me sleep at night. It just was miserable, just miserable. And so much so that I kind of withdrew to myself. I lived in a community of sisters and became very withdrawn. The pain was so difficult to deal with, the fog was difficult to deal with and then people don’t understand because you don’t look sick. So that was a problem as well, because they,re both syndrome diseases that you can’t see that you have them. So that was horrendous.

But there was a sister in my community who was suffering much more than I did and I remember looking across the chapel and see her buckle under the pain. And so she was seeing every pain doctor. She was on all kinds of hard medications and was loopy because she was on so much pain meds. And so I saw her in the summer and then I went back at Christmastime and saw her and she was a new person. So the secret to her success was Upper Cervical. So I never heard of it, I didn’t normally trust chiropractors too much. Just I never even seen one and I worked for six years across the river from Palmer School of Chiropractic. So I should have been a little more open-minded, but I wasn’t. And so she said to me “Come along, let’s go” and see what she’s done for me.

So we went and he was wonderful and he did a scan of my neck. And he said “Oh yeah there’s problems” and he put me in touch with Dr. Bulow. So that was very kind of him, he sent a personal email and I have no stand up and walk story, it happened gradually. But even from my first adjustment my first posture check, I felt like I was actually standing on the ground with two feet instead of kind of always worrying about losing my balance. And from then on I just got better and better. So the fund is gone, the dizziness is gone. I can sit anywhere, I can follow a conversation. And it’s been remarkably because with that with the pain gone, the fogginess dizziness gone, I interact with people better. I’m a teacher and I could pull it off from my students and go home and be exhausted. So now I don’t hide it from anybody and I feel so much better and I feel like my other sister, that there’s a whole new lease on life. And I’ve become an apostle of Upper Cervical. You just can’t help it because really even when I felt bad, you don’t realize how bad you feel until you feel better. That’s what happened to me I was like “Oh my God I just can’t believe how sick I was”. I was on pain medication but it did terrible things to my stomach. I couldn’t take pain medication anymore and really there is no cure or treatment for fibromyalgia and so you just tend to suffer in silence. So I’m very grateful to Dr. Nate and then to Dr. Bulow for what they’ve done with me with Upper Cervical and I would recommend it. At least to try it, it’s worth the try, it’s worth the initial visit to see if you can be helped.

One thing that I found interesting in visiting Dr. Nate for the first time is that he was a godly man that was obvious and that he used the whole body soul and mind connection in talking about what he did. That’s where made in the image of God and we’re restoring our health the way God created it. When I came to Dr. Bulow I found the same thing, another godly man who really saw the whole organization of how our bodies act as an act of God and wanted to restore that. For me especially, I find it very comforting, I find it very comfortable and it’s wonderful to be able to share a spiritual sense of well-being with your doctor which is not always the case.”