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Vertigo & Dizziness

Discover a natural approach to managing vertigo and dizziness through upper cervical care! By focusing on the alignment of the top vertebrae in the spine, this method aims to restore proper nerve communication, potentially alleviating balance issues. Embrace drug-free alternatives for a clearer, steadier journey ahead. 

Post Concussion Syndrome

Discover hope after a concussion with upper cervical care. This method aims to alleviate post-concussion syndrome symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, cognitive fog, fatigue, and neck pain. By addressing spinal alignment, it offers a potential path to recovery and renewed well-being.

Migraine Headaches

Tired of experiencing migraine headaches, taking medications constantly, and missing out on life? What if there was a way to get to the root cause rather than just treating the migraine symptoms many find relief without dependence of medications?


Unlock natural relief from the challenges of fibromyalgia through upper cervical care. This specialized approach focuses on spinal alignment to potentially reduce nervous system stress and pain sensitivity. Explore a holistic path to managing fibromyalgia symptoms and improving overall well-being.

Pinched Nerves

Say goodbye to neck and back pain with the power of upper cervical care! By targeting the alignment of the top spine bones, this approach seeks to relieve tension and restore balance. Experience the potential relief from pinched nerves and discomfort, naturally! Many experience relief without the dependence of medications or surgery.

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