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The entire clinical team at Revive UCC are some of the best trained in the industry. By focusing 100% of our time and attention on the upper cervical spine, we are dedicated to you holding your own alignment for as long as possible. Advanced thermal testing guides recommendations for care, and stat-of-the-art x-ray imaging ensures that care is gentle and highly accurate. Care is affordable, safe, and probably most importantly to you, effective. At the end of the day it is your health and our reputation at stake. We do not rush our process, but instead take as much time as needed to accurately locate and correct the cause to your problems. If we don’t think we can help, we will help you to find someone who can.

Without the use of potentially harmful medications or surgeries, chiropractic care is already one of the safest health care options available today. The upper cervical methods used at the Revive UCC clinic then take it to the next level: Without any twisting or popping of the neck, the upper cervical adjustments done at Revive UCC are essentially completely safe. There has never been a serious adverse reaction (stroke, paralysis, etc) reported or documented as a result of the types of care performed at Revive UCC.


A recent research project showed significant improvements in patients within 2 weeks of starting care, all with zero serious adverse reactions, and with very high satisfaction rates.


It is very important to note that while many health care providers treat disorders of the spine, there are very few that have the level of training and experience that the team at Revive UCC has when caring for the alignment of the upper neck.

Patients are encouraged to bring all medical imaging with them to their initial consultation. Our doctors will do everything they can to ensure 100% safety and effectiveness of care before any treatment is rendered.

If a patient is found to have a problem in the upper neck that we are able to help, than often imaging is needed for the best possible outcomes in care.


Research has shown that without imaging, it is often impossible to accurately diagnose the alignment of the spine. Therefore, specific and specialized 3D x-ray images are taken to determine exactly what is wrong and how best to correct it.


Something else to note here is that the diagnostic imaging done at the Revive UCC clinic is not the same as the standard spinal imaging done in traditional chiropractic clinics, or even in most hospital systems. The images taken at the Revive UCC are extremely precise and are relatively new to the medical and chiropractic fields.

The primary method of care at Revive UCC is the Blair Upper Cervical approach. During this form of care the gently realigned while you are laying on your side. There is a gentle impulse in to the side of your neck, typically behind your ear lobe.

The adjustments are custom tailored to the shapes and angles in your neck, which increases the likelihood of it staying in place once done. By being gentle and precise, and only adjusting when absolutely necessary, we seek to ensure stability in the upper neck without patients having a dependency on our care.

How long you decide to benefit from the care at Revive UCC is always up to you. Often people who experience our care recognize the health benefits and choose a lifestyle that includes regular checkups with us. However you will never be forced into such a lifestyle or made to feel guilty if you do not choose this type of maintenance/wellness care.


At the end of the day, every healthy lifestyle choice requires some level of maintenance or evaluation. While the decision is always yours, our doctors typically recommend some level of ongoing checkups beyond your initial recommendations for care. This is done to ensure your long term stability and potential for a healthy and happy life. The good news is that most patients do not need to come in “every week for the rest of their life.” Most patients are able to go weeks and even months without any care needed once they are stable.

This question is better answered during our consultation process. But in short, we are not ignoring any aspect of your health or spinal stability. The goal of care is to stabilize the entire spine and not just the neck. Our doctors evaluate the entire spine on each visit, and we regularly have patients with lower spinal problems who experience significant benefits to care without the lower spinal manipulations typically done in other clinics.
Absolutely. We believe all children should have the benefit of a properly functioning spine and nerve system. Children often develop problems immediately following the birth process. We welcome the opportunity to consult with you about care for your child.

The only way to know for sure is to schedule a consultation and screening. Our process is very thorough and there is no pressure to start care once you are evaluated. Our doctors will go through a screening process to determine if care is needed, and give you all of the information for you to make an informed decision.


One of the biggest obstacles in people regaining their health is a lack of awareness in their health care options. We strongly urge screenings on every member of your family as most people have never had such a specific screening test done before. Without having all of the information, many people make health care decisions with incomplete information. We encourage you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible, so that you are able to make the most informed decision possible.

We always seek to make care affordable for anyone who needs and values our services. We encourage everyone to come in for a complimentary consultation and screening process to determine if care is recommended in their case.

If it is determined that you and/or your family would benefit from care, than our doctors will outline exactly what would be involved and how much it will cost, before any services are rendered. At the end of the day, we want to make sure you will benefit from care and that you understand all the finances and time involved before getting started.

As specialists, we have found that it is best to work for our patients directly, and with their insurance on an out-of-network basis to ensure the very best results. Our clinics will work with your insurance group to help you get reimbursed the maximum you are able, however we are not contracted with any insurance group.

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Experiencing chronic pain

& want to get to the ROOT CAUSE not

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