Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic

$21 Referral Voucher

Experience the joy of helping someone regain their health and quality of life!

Know someone experiencing chronic pain

& want to get to the ROOT CAUSE

not just treat the symptoms?

Day 1:

✅ 3D Imaging of your head & neck

✅ Thermal Scan Analysis


Day 2:

✅ Detailed exam

✅ First Upper Cervical Adjustment

Top 3 Reasons for the Revive UCC Referral Policy

1. People need help. There are far too many people suffering with chronic health conditions, without any alternative solutions to their problems. This leads to a dependency on medications, risky surgical options, and an overall lack in their quality of life. 


2. Lack of awareness. Most people do not know that a misaligned spine can be the root cause of their health problems. This lack of awareness keeps people in a disease-management model of health care, oftentimes doctoring their conditions for the rest of their lives. 


3. Great patients get great results. If you value the Revive UCC standards of care, chances are your friends, family, acquaintances will as well. By referring others for care you are helping similar-minded patients find the same types of solutions that you have found in upper cervical care. 

Who Needs to Know About Upper Cervical Care?

Common conditions that respond well to care

The Revive UCC Referral Policy

Your referrals can expect the following guarantees

• The same level of personal and professional service you have come to expect at each and every appointment.

• An honest diagnosis and recommendations. We will not recommend any services unless we feel we can make a meaningful impact in their health and in their life.

• Introductions to other medical professionals if needed. We promise to always provide the resources necessary to

maximize one’s health potential, including those outside of our clinic.

• 100% satisfaction guarantee: there is no fee for your referral’s first appointment if they are not happy with their decision to come and see us.

• Lastly, with their approval, we will keep you posted on your referral’s progress! We truly hope to be of service to those in your life that you care about. Together, we can continue to make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Evaluate underlying causes

Our testing and treatment procedures are proven to be both safe and effective.

No twisting, cracking or pulling

The Blair Upper Cervical procedure is completely safe for patients of all ages.

Cutting edge equipment

The 3D CT imaging we offer is the gold standard for alignment assessment.

Tired & Not Finding Answers?

Have you been to countless neurologists, ENTs, and physical therapists, but are still dealing with headaches? Vertigo? Neck pain? Anxiety? Mental fog? These chronic symptoms are often an indicator that there is an underlying problem that is not being addressed.

While most medical experts are working to treat the symptoms of concussion and post concussion syndrome, the doctors at the Revive UCC clinic are trained to look for the root causes of these types of chronic problems.

Experiencing chronic pain & want to get to the ROOT CAUSE not just treat the symptoms?

Check out the New Patient Experience!

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