Migraine headaches

Vertigo, Migraine Headaches, and Car Crashes

Vertigo, Migraine Headaches, and Car Crashes  A recent case study from the Blair upper cervical chiropractic group reveals additional evidence linking head and neck trauma to migraine headaches and vertigo. This case study is another example of what the upright MRI research is revealing.

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Natural Approach for Children with Migraines


Children and Migraines  A recent story on ABC news reported about children suffering with migraines. Often we think of migraines as something that only affects adults, but research reports they probably occur in childhood more than you think.

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Whiplash Causes Migraine Headaches and More


Cranio-Cervical Syndrome  A group of distinguished experts met in New York City on April 6, 2013 to discuss the impact of a newly identified medical syndrome known as Cranio-Cervical Syndrome (CCS). The conference is expected to become an annual event to address the pandemic needs of millions of patients (including 1.2 million whiplash injuries annually in…

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Causes of Migraines and Nausea


Migraines and Nausea Besides just excruciating pain, migraines can be associated with various other symptoms. One common migraine symptom is nausea. The nausea may even become so great that vomiting results. What are the causes of migraines and why is nausea a symptom? An even more important question is: what can you do about your…

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Understanding Chronic Migraines in Pittsburgh

Chronic Migraine Headaches  Chronic migraine headaches are those that occur 15 or more times a month with a headache that lasts 4 hours or more, at least 3 months in a row for individuals with ongoing or a previous diagnosis of migraine. This means that individuals with chronic migraines spend a huge amount of time…

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Post Concussion Syndrome and Migraines in Pittsburgh, PA

The Effects of Concussions  Okay, here’s a riddle for you! Symptoms of which condition appear within seven to 10 days after a concussion and usually don’t subside for three months but may not subside for more than a year after a concussion? Give up? It’s Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS). How do you know if you are…

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Your Spine and Your Migraines in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania


Your Spine and Connective Tissue  The body is made up organs and tissue, and what holds the spine in place is a type of tissue called connective tissue. Accidents and injuries will lead to a tearing loose of connective tissue. When that connective tissue tears lose, it causes the spine to break down and fall…

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The Underlying Cause of Migraines in Pittsburgh


Your Neck and Migraines  According to current research, one or a variety of factors could lead to a person experiencing migraines. Sometimes, that pain could result from allergies or environmental conditions, but other times they could arise because of past injuries we sustained. Here is a list of some of those common accidents that could…

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