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Severe Vertigo Gone After Two Upper Cervical Adjustments

Kristy suffered from severe vertigo. She couldn’t leave the house, couldn’t drive, couldn’t even walk straight from room to room; her condition has greatly affected her daily life.

Through internet searching, Kristy found Revive Upper Cervical. She was just searching for any other help for her condition when she found a vertigo testimony from a nun who was helped too through Upper Cervical Care at Revive Upper Cervical.

After 1 to 2 appointments of Upper Cervical Care, Kristy already noticed her vertigo was totally gone. She had other health concerns too that were eased through Upper Cervical Care. The chiropractic approach was so gentle and effective.

She highly recommends trying Upper Cervical Care at Revive Upper Cervical. Experience yourself the possible benefits of receiving Upper Cervical Care.

Hi, I’m Kristy. I live here in Cranberry Township and I am a current patient of Dr. Bulow’s.

What was your health condition like before coming to Dr. Bulow?

Before I started care here with Dr. Bulow, I suffered from severe vertigo. It was so severe that I couldn’t leave my house. At times I couldn’t drive. Sometimes my husband even had to help me walk to different rooms because it was as though I was on a cruise ship and couldn’t walk straight. But once I started care here, Dr. Bulow took care of that right away.

How did you find Dr. Bulow and the Revive Clinic, here in Cranberry twp?

I actually just did some internet research. I had remembered that my father had gone to an upper cervical spine chiropractor many years ago.

I searched, and found one in a different part of the country. I searched again to find someone closer here who could help me. I found Dr. Bulow. I watched one of his testimonies, like this one, and there was a nun who had vertigo. Dr. Bulow helped her find relief from her vertigo.

So I thought I would give it a shot.

How were the first few appointments like?

The first few appointments were really nice, really welcoming. Right away, within one or two appointments, my vertigo was completely gone. Then we realized that I had some other little inconsistencies that Dr. Bulow helped repair through time as well. It’s been about four years, and I am still coming.

I always feel better after I have an adjustment.

WIth this whole Covid thing, this year I was vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine and ended up injured from that. Dr. Bulow helped me get better. So it’s been about four months now and I’m pretty much recovered from the vaccine as well. 

What advice would you give to someone in a similar situation?

I would say come and give Dr. Bulow a try. It can’t hurt. I think a lot of people are nervous. They think they’re going to be cracked or their neck is going to be hurt. The method that Dr. Bulow uses, there is no cracking. It’s just a maneuver behind the ear. I know for me when I need an adjustment and I feel a lot of pressure in my skull. As soon as he does the adjustment, I always say it’s like a balloon is leaking air out of the bottom of it. The pressure is just released.

So give it a shot!

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