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Struggles of Colic in Infants

Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Cranberry Twp, Dr. Ian Bulow, talks about Colic and how Chiropractic Care can help your children. Colic is a condition when infants can’t sleep, cries all the time, is hard to feed, and has acid reflux/gas. Watch the entire video to learn more about Colic. Follow #ReviveChiroKids to find out how Upper Cervical Care can be essential for your children’s health.

Hey, everybody. Dr. Ian Bulow here with Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Cranberry PA, where every week we like to give you information regarding the effects of the spine on your health. And this week we’re part of a month that we call Revive Chiro Kids follows the #ReviveChiroKids. So if you look up that hashtag you should find some great information on how chiropractic care can help your children around the Cranberry Twp area.

Whether it’s infants, toddlers, adolescents, and young adults, the spine has a big role to play in the health of our children. In particular, this past week, what we’ve been talking about. It’s a pop quiz. Sometimes we like to do that in the clinic.

So what do you call the condition when a child – in this case an infant – can’t sleep, is crying all the time, is not happy when they’re eating, acid reflux, gas, and bloating in the stomach. Maybe they are constipated. They’re just not a happy baby!!

This wasn’t designed to be a Wordle, but what is it called when an infant has these issues. It begins with a C, and most people roll off the tongue and it’s Colic. You probably heard about it before. It is when a baby is just not doing well, they’re throwing up. They’re spitting up. They’re crying all the time. They’re not sleeping well. The term colic is tossed around. They say, well, your baby must just have colic.

The harder question to answer – I call it a bonus question in the clinic – is what causes colic?

It’s easy enough to say, you have acid reflux. Let’s give you a pill for acid reflux. We do that as adults. Why not deal with babies? Right? It’s easy enough to diagnose it and give you some sort of medication. But the bigger question is, why is it there in the first place? Our infants and children recently born should have no problems.

If there was ever a time in life where you should be healthy, it should be when you’re born!!

Barring some genetic disorders, newborn babies are just that. They’re newly born. There shouldn’t be a lot of these issues. And the way I see it, colic, like a lot of infant issues, can be caused by only three things.

Number one, it could be genetics, right? It could usually be colic. It’s not genetic. If it was genetic, it might be in the case of a child that has maybe blue eyes, red hair, things like that. Very fair skinned individuals tend to be a bit more sensitive when it comes to their digestion and what not. So possibly but not likely related to genetics.

Another possibility could be anything that we put into that child’s body after it’s born. RIght? Brand new!!

So the only thing that could happen is genetics, how they’re designed, what’s put into them after birth. So we have to look at vaccines. We have to look at the diet. That’s important, but usually not it.

What’s usually find is the birth process itself! When the baby is born, they are going through the birth process, it’s a very traumatic process on the neck. Especially if it’s a horse set, assisted delivery, especially cesarean section -C Section – birth.

Those are very traumatic on the neck. They pull a lot of tugging and twisting and this can pinch the nerves in the neck which just so happened to control things like digestion, sleep, breastfeeding. Think about this, the last time you had a whiplash injury, it was hard for you to get comfortable lying down. More than likely it’s the same thing with our kids. They just can’t tell you about it.

So let’s say the baby has a pinched neck having a lot of pain. You go and nurse them in a specific position. They may prefer a different position which we don’t think could be related to their alignment. We just think, well, maybe the mother’s milk isn’t coming down as readily on that side. So we have to nurse on the other side or we have to change the way the baby is positioned.

Very often that’s because their neck has been damaged in the birth process. The only way to know for certain and if you have any questions at all the best thing to do is to seek a professional in chiropractic. We do have specialists in the different areas of pediatrics and colic in Cranberry Twp. 

A pediatric specialist – especially kids’ chiropractic specialists – is a great thing and the doctors at the clinic have a special background in chiropractics. We specialize in the neck, and so if you have any needs or questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in the Cranberry Twp.

We are more than happy to help you out, and if we can’t get you the help you need. Whether this is because your needs are outside our scope or the geographical areas of Cranberry Twp, Zelionople, Butler, Mars, Seven Fields, Pittsburgh, we will partner with you to help you find something. It is important to help our kids at an early age, so they can grow well. You will sleep better at night, and we are here for it!!

So thank you for spending the time with me today, and we will hopefully talk with you soon!

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