Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Ruptured Disc In Neck Improves With Upper Cervical Care

When we’re able to decrease pain through natural health care such as Upper Cervical Care, often other aspects of our lives improve at the same time. When we experience a decrease in pain, quite frequently our sleep improves, and we don’t need to rely on toxic medications to make it through the day.  Natural health care has side effects that we can celebrate!

My name is Ben Troll. My condition that I have been treated for was ruptured disk in my upper cervical area. And prior to coming to Dr. Myles, I had looked into having surgery from a surgeon in Nashville. And basically before coming here, I was taking three 200mg Ibuprofen twice a day to deal with the pain. I have been under treatment over a year and now very very rarely taking Ibuprofen for anything. Pretty much pain free, not only the neck problem but I sleep much better and just have a lot of energy. And I think everybody ought to be under upper cervical care.

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