Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Better Health Through Upper Cervical Care

To stay healthy, we know that the best time to do something is BEFORE we feel anything. Once the body gives us signals of pain and symptoms, often the problem has been developing in the body for some time. Listen to this patient describe the benefits of being proactive with her health care.

“Hello my name is Rita Abbey and I was introduced to Upper Cervical Care by a couple of different people. I really didn’t think I needed it. I went to my massage therapist for a de-stressing treatment and she was touching my neck as I was telling her about some issues. She had recommended Dr. Myles and suggested that I come to a free seminar to learn about what type of care that he gave feeling that I can benefit from his care.

Also I had a friend who had a severe neck problem who greatly improved with his care. So with that second recommendation in mind, even though I wasn’t in pain, I came done here. I have been experiencing and increase in my blood pressure and certainly aging and I’m in a profession whereby I have to sit in awkward positions all day and be in a strained position. Over the years just have some you know tired back, neck issues just like anybody over fifty might. And so I thought I would check it out. I came to the seminar and it made such great sense to me because I too am in a health care profession where we focus on prevention of problems and knowing how important it is to care for the body in the right way.

We proceed with the examination, the full examination so that I could find out if I had any misalignment’s in my neck that might be creating an increase in stress and blood pressure rising. I was having nightmares and not sleeping well and I didn’t go through with the examination process with Dr. Myles after the seminar and he found out that my Atlas and Axis bones in my next were actually out of alignment somewhat and did a few treatments. I did have some areas in my body that then started hurting and I was like “Oh what’s this”. He was telling me how when you actually release that pressure with your nerve impulses start flowing properly; you could have an old injury that would all of a sudden start the healing process again. I got through that, it improved dramatically, those things went away. And now I feel really good. I am continuing with ongoing wellness care.

The staff here is really phenomenal; they are nice every time I come in. I thinks it’s an affordable thing to do and a good way to take care of one’s self and I’m glad I did it and so happy to refer others to them.”

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