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Mom with Autoimmune Condition Found Comfort w/ Upper Cervical Care

Donna, a 66-year-old mom, who is also studying as a nutritional therapy practitioner, was diagnosed with six autoimmune conditions. But she doesn’t take medication for any of it, though. Before, Donna was overweight, stressed, and functioning at a low level. She couldn’t even take the stairs properly without grabbing her leg up.

She had a hip injury when she found out about Dr. Bulow at Revive Upper Cervical. It was recommended by her friend, who was also having adjustments at Revive Upper Cervical for migraines. So Donna came and tried Upper Cervical Care. And now, her body has been holding adjustments more and more. She feels so much better now. Upper Cervical Care is now part of her self-care routine.

Watch the entire video for her full story Transcription below

My name is Donna K. I am 66, and a mom of eight – they’re all grown up now. I have five grandchildren. I’ve been in the healthcare world as a patient for about 16 years, and I am currently studying to be an NTP, which is a nutritional therapy practitioner. I believe in the combination of all these modalities, which includes food, chiropractic, sleep, movement, and all of this stuff to be healthier.

Donna explains her lifestyle and condition before upper cervical care:

I have six diagnosed autoimmune conditions – I don’t take medication for any of it. I try to manage most of everything just by the lifestyle that I live, and that’s why I really am thankful for being able to come here to Dr. Bulow.

I started taking care of myself better in 2006. I was really overweight; I was stressed; I was functioning at a low level; It was a really busy time in my life. I had four teenagers, I had a nine-year-old, and kids getting married, and all the activities and everything. My body was not functioning that well. I could not walk upstairs. It was so hard. I would have to take my hand and grab my leg and walk it up. I started going around to some of the other doctors. I did not have much success with most of them.

I compared, and I knew what made me feel good and what didn’t.

She then explains how she found Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Cranberry PA

So the way I found Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic, I actually tore my acetabulum. In my hip, the anterior superior while exercising. It was a weird injury. Somebody moved their arm to help move my leg, which was really stiff. It tightened, and it ripped. The pain was so bad, I couldn’t even function.

A friend of mine came here when she had migraines. She came here to Dr. Bulow, and in two weeks her headaches stopped.

Then she explains the first time coming to Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Cranberry PA:

I came, I felt better. My body started holding adjustments more and more. It took a little bit longer for my body to start holding. But now it does hold the adjustments well. I mean I haven’t experienced that before with chiropractic. I’ve always had to go three times a week or at least every other week. 

Finally, Donna advises others that would be in similar situations to hers:

I would say just come and trust.

Dr. Bulow & Dr. Savage really know what their doing. We still as individuals have to pay attention to our own bodies. We still have to think about how we eat, what I’ve said before, make sure we move. But coming to Dr. Bulow is a necessary part of taking care of myself, and I wouldn’t give it up.

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