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How Upper Cervical Care Is Essential for Heart Health

Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Cranberry Twp, Dr. Emily Savage, talks about Heart Health. Heart Disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. According to the CDC, almost half of all Americans have at least 1 of 3 key risk factors for developing heart disease: high cholesterol, smoking, and high blood pressure. Dr. Emily Savage of Revive Upper Cervical explains how misalignments could cause high blood pressure and how effective Upper Cervical Care can help with this condition.

Watch the entire video for full study Transcription below

Hey everyone, Dr. Emily savage here with Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic. And all month long we’ve been talking about heart health.

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, and according to the CDC almost half of all Americans have at least one of three key risk factors in developing heart disease. So those are high cholesterol, smoking, and high blood pressure.

So today I’m coming to you with a pop quiz. Upper cervical care has been shown to be as effective as how many blood pressure medications?

A little bit of background on this question – there was a study done back in 2007. There were 50 patients that were selected from upper cervical offices who had high blood pressure. 25 were selected randomly to receive true upper cervical adjustments, and the other 25 were receiving a sham or a fake adjustment. Nobody was taking any blood pressure medication at this time, and the study went on for about 8 weeks. Throughout all the study the nurses were taking blood pressure. Nobody had really any idea who were the ones receiving the true upper cervical corrections and who were the ones receiving fake adjustment.

At the end of the 8-week study it was found that the patients who were actually receiving the upper cervical adjustments had a drop in their blood pressure by about 14 points in the systolic pressure so that top number, and by about 8 points in the diastolic pressure which is that bottom number. All in all, those changes are equivalent of 2 blood pressure medications, which is a pretty significant drop.

Now, a lot of us know people who have high blood pressure. Maybe people that are taking blood pressure medications. Maybe even somebody who has low blood pressure. And just difficulty regulating blood pressure, heart rate, and those kinds of things.

There are a multitude of things that can cause these types of disorders and symptoms, but one of them may be a misalignment at the top of the neck where the weight of the head sits on the neck.

If we were to look at a model of the head and neck, at the base of the skull we have our brain stem. And the brain stem is responsible for running a lot of those background processes of the body. One of which is regulating our blood pressure.

So as the brain stem leaves the skull, it transitions into the spinal cord, so the very top bone of the spine – the C1 or the atlas – is the protector of the connection point between the brain stem and the spinal cord. And the communication between the brain and the body. Now also in the neck we’ve got little loops in those bones that are responsible for carrying blood vessels up and to serve the brain.

If there is a misalignment at the top of the neck it can affect the communication between the brain and the body, but also it can affect the function of those vessels. There is more than one way that people can end up with high blood pressure as a result of misalignment at the top of the neck.

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