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Soccer Player With Post-Concussion Syndrome Found Miracle Through Upper Cervical Care

Audrey, a high school soccer player who was kicked in the head, had post-concussion syndrome and lost her ability to speak clearly and walk in a straight line, had a successful Upper Cervical journey at Revive Upper Cervical.

Audrey developed a stutter, a speech impediment, and experienced vertigo after her accident on the soccer field. So often, injuries like concussions and whiplash will leave behind damage to the upper neck that goes undiagnosed, undetected, and therefore can leave a residual trail of symptoms that people don’t know can trace back to the next.

Watch the entire video and compare the great difference in how Audrey’s life improved through Upper Cervical Care.

Hi, everybody, this is Dr. Bulow with Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Cranberry Twp. You may have seen a video in the past with one of our patients named Audrey, a high school soccer player who was kicked in the head and lost her ability to walk in a straight line.

What you may have heard but didn’t get the chance to see was that she also developed a stutter, a speech impediment. I’m going to play the video where we interviewed her before she started care with us. And there are, also, a couple of raw videos from when she got started. Then we’ll show the interview we did on television where you’ll see the results for yourself and see how she did.

The take-home here is that a lot of these injuries that people have, especially youngsters that are active and in sports, concussions with fewer injuries oftentimes will leave behind damage to the upper neck that goes undiagnosed, undetected, and therefore leave a residual trail of symptoms that people don’t know can trace back to the next account.

Audrey’s Before Treatment Interview Transcription:

“I got a concussion on August 16… I was at a soccer arena. And it was the first game and I was a JV player. So I didn’t get put in that much.

So my coach decides to put me in because the first goalie needed a break or something. And I got so excited because I never get put in.

But I got in. I put up my palms and I ran out to there and I was so excited. I blocked so many kicks. I was like crazy. And then the girl had a breakaway. All I remember, it’s like, when she came in, she had, like, dribbling it. And I think I jumped toward her feet and pushed the ball out of her way. And when she kicked instead of kicking the ball, she kicked me right in the head. 

For a while, vestibular therapy helped me. Like I remember the one right before the seizure. I was like flying colors. I was like I almost was like alright. I had no stutter. I could walk fine. I was hoping it was going to be over. I thought it was actually helping… then I had the seizure. Then I went back to square one.

I don’t go to full school. I go to 2 hours and 30 minutes. Like, school. I go to art class and Spanish class. I don’t get to socialize much. I don’t get to play sports with people. I can’t go like. I missed the sports games this year. I really wanted to go to it just… was just too far away. And it’s like

This has ruined my life.

Audrey’s Post-Treatment Television Interview Transcription:

On August 16, I was playing soccer as a goalie for my soccer team, and I was kicked in the head when diving for a ball. I lost my ability to speak very quickly. I started to stutter. Then after developing a pseudo-seizure type deal, I lost my ability to walk.

First, it was horrible. I never thought it was going to end. I really thought that I was going to live the rest of my life this way. And I was thinking about all my friends that I would probably lose in the future and the friends I lost. When I got the concussion and how I’d never get them back.

Going to countless doctors, my mother met a friend of a friend who had a daughter with the same situation I was in, who went to Dr. Bulow.

With the first adjustment, you could immediately tell that my stutter was disappearing. I could just think a little bit more. I could get thoughts out faster. And now that I’ve gone to him, my life has completely changed. 

People are talking to me again. I can focus. I’m going to school better. I’m getting better grades. I’m doing more work. I’m actually being active and hanging out with people again. I’m continuing a normal life, which was what I wanted all along.

Audrey’s Mother’s Television Interview Transcription:

It was frightening. It was frustrating. No answers from doctors. I mean, they gave me what they could, but it wasn’t in their jurisdiction. And after all the neurologists wanted time and time with the walking and the speech was for me to take her to a psychologist. I’m not against psychology, but it wasn’t what was wrong with her. It became very frustrating.

Now, it’s a relief. I mean I knew the girl that I had prior to the accident, and I just wanted her back. It is horrifying to see your child having seizures, getting called from school, and just knowing that she was struggling and struggling to keep herself going.

The more she pushed herself, the worse it go. After coming to Dr. Bulow, the headaches were relieved immediately. That’s a plus in itself to know that you can go at least a few hours without a headache. Just as recently as two weeks ago, the stuttering just left and the walking was perfect.

It means a lot because I really didn’t know how I was going and how she was going to live the rest of her life in these conditions. If you know that there’s help out there that can change it, it’s just a relief.

Don’t exhaust any options. I mean, dare to dream outside the box. If I didn’t have friends, I am one of the luckiest people alive. If it wasn’t for my father having a chiropractic friend. And my friend of a friend who referred me to Dr. Bulow by word of mouth. 

Parents need to know. They have to ask questions. If they don’t get the questions out there, they’re not going to learn about it. And it does make a difference.

A final note of encouragement from Dr. Bulow:

So our encouragement is if you’ve had a concussion, you’ve had a whiplash injury, and you’re having a lot of these residual symptoms in the brain, in the neck, anywhere in the body that’s just not running quite right after a physical injury, a blow to the head, or a blow to the neck.

If you’ve had a slip or a whiplash injury, a sporting injury. There’s probably an instability in the base of the skull that hasn’t been assessed. You might say that it’s somewhere else in the body. The center of the brain, the base of the brain sets right on top and has its fingers in every facet of your well-being.

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