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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia, otherwise known as “The Suicide Disease”, is one of the most painful afflictions known to man. Upper Cervical Care has had wonderful results with this disorder and we are proud to share those stories with you.

“I found out I had it probably eight years ago and it would come and go. I would get it and it would be gone for six months and then come back and then go away again. It was always in my face, I thought it was a dental problem. And so I went to the dentist and had root canals done and eventually I had on my teeth pulled. And it would go away it seemed like when I had anesthesia and then it would come back. And I went to a regular chiropractor and he said he could help me but it didn’t seem to do any good. It’s an intense pain, what I’ve been told it’s the most severe pain that man can withstand, it’s worse than having a baby. Actually when I would have my attacks it would last for like 30 seconds and the only thing I could do is hit the floor and if somebody else was there they would give me a cold wash rag and put on my head. You know that seemed to…I don’t know if it was on my head or what but it seemed to help me you know. After it would go away I would just give up and keep doing whatever I was doing. What happened at work, I would feel it come on and I would either rush to the bathroom or rush to my office and I would go in there and just lay on the floor and just hold my head until it was gone. You know I would start sweating and I would get up and go back to work. Some days it would happen three or four times a day and other days it wouldn’t happen. There was no real consistency to it but the pain was really intense. So I was ready to try anything, the pain was so intense, they call it the suicide disease.

So I started coming here about a year ago and I was on Tegretol. I was up to four pills a day of Tegretol and I really hated taking pills. And just recently I have weaned myself completely off of them. I had an appointment with my neurologists and she told me that that’s fine if you know you don’t have pain to go ahead and wean yourself off of it. So I did and I haven’t had even an inkling of pain in four months, which I’m really happy about.”

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