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Patient’s Successful Experience with Upper Cervical Adjustment for Scoliosis and Improved Immune Function

Dr. Bulow of Revive UCC in Cranberry Twp is speaking with a patient, Barb, about her experience with Upper Cervical care which helped her Scoliosis & Immune system. Barb had a fall in her mid-twenties which caused problems with her chest and made her more susceptible to colds and the flu, especially in the winter.

She had previously received treatment from other chiropractors which helped alleviate her immune system, but she found Revive UCC which screened for a twisted spine and scoliosis.

Two weeks into treatment, Barb was able to breathe easier and has not experienced as many colds or flu since.

This is Dr. Bulow, and today we’re talking to Barb. I had to do it with Barb because she was telling me about the most interesting result that she had after receiving her first upper cervical adjustment. 

Barb: When I was in my mid-twenties, I had a fall from a lawn chair on a metal balcony, and that started a lot of problems, which I had most of my adult life. Other chiropractic had been able to maintain that for me. I would have problems with my immune system, especially in the wintertime and cold weather, getting colds and getting the flu very quickly, and having problems where my chest would hurt.

Other chiropractic that I’ve gone to before was able to at least relieve that and open it up. That helped my immune system until I came here.

I found you first actually when I had gone to a cooking show. You were there, and you had your equipment there. You were able to screen my neck, and my head wasn’t on straight. 

Dr. Bulow: So you had a twisted spine, a bit of documented scoliosis. You got your neck adjusted. How did everything work after that?

Barb: Well, I had been told before that I did have scoliosis by an orthopedist and by other chiropractors that I went to. The scans showed that once the atlas was adjusted that I could expect the other vertebrae would come into alignment. I was told to not be concerned if there was some adjustment that would happen, maybe even when I was not in the office.

So about two weeks into the treatment, it was the middle of the night. I woke up and could feel my thoracic area feel warm, and I just felt a little different. I remember what was said to me, that this might happen at any time. 

So I could tell that there was something changing in my chest, in the vertebrae area, that it was actually rotating. Because I was warned ahead of time, I did not panic and sort of allowed it to happen. It did rotate, and it just progressed slowly.

I told you the next time I came in for treatment I was impressed with how gentle the adjustments are. It’s a side adjustment that is very gentle. I am pleased with that.

I have been also able to breathe a lot easier. Before I could not take a deep full breath. My Immune system has improved. I have not experienced as many colds or tonsilitis. I was not getting the flu as often. So I have seen a lot of improvement. 

Dr. Bulow: I think that’s so special and so neat that when you get your head adjusted, how your spine naturally straightens out. Then to have your immune system work better. This is huge because so many times we just take in antibiotics or we just go from one cough medicine to the next cough medicine and all these different remedies.

Really, we say, how can we make this body work better? A lot of times, we straighten the spine, we breathe easier, we reduce inflammation, and that immune system just runs a lot better. 

Barb: I would say to others, I had this condition for decades. I had this for probably my entire life – could have even been a birth defect. But this has been the most effective treatment I had. It’s very gentle, and I have recommended this to many people. I believe they’re in very good hands.

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