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Here 4 Things That Might Be Triggering Your Migraines

Migraines, or even just plain headaches, come and go. Most of the time, they appear as unwelcome surprises that can ruin your entire day. Having constant pain in the ole noggin can make daily tasks difficult to perform. Thankfully, chiropractic and other methods can bring Cranberry Twp migraine relief. However, knowing about the possible reasons behind head pains can be helpful. 

If you suffer from persistent migraine episodes, learning about the possible triggers can help you plan for your work and social life. Having an awareness of these triggers is beneficial since you already know what to expect. Hence, you can quickly look for ways to prevent migraine episodes from ever occurring. To better comprehend your condition, let’s take a quick look at the possible triggers for your migraine headaches and some prevention techniques to help you cope.


Identify the Culprit- What’s Behind Your Migraines?

Reducing the times when migraines occur is the ultimate goal. There are many possible reasons behind migraine attacks, but we’ll look at the top four culprits for this pain. 

1. Weather

According to NHS UK, people who get migraines due to the weather “could find that grey skies, high humidity, rising temperatures, and storms can all bring on head pain.” Fortunately, there are tools and technologies available that can help us predict the weather.

Simply checking the weather forecast on your phones can help you plan an “exit route” before your headache ever hits. You can check out the weather for tomorrow or even for the whole week through weather applications or a simple Google search. Make sure to watch out for weather updates concerning the following: 

  • sudden changes in barometric pressure
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • nearby lightning strikes and thunderstorms

2. Daily habits

Everyone is aware that our lifestyles can affect our physical bodies. Hence, you should look at your daily routines and see if some activities might trigger or contribute to your migraines. Then, follow our tips below to ensure Cranberry Twp migraine relief.

Not getting enough sleep at night. In a Healthline article, scientists have discovered that the lack of sleep has a direct connection to head pains as well as migraines. Hence, getting enough sleep and rest at night can help you ward off migraines the next time you wake up.

Not eating regularly. We all know that some of our energy to get through the day comes from food. Of course, not getting enough of the necessary fuel can lead to problems in our bodies, including migraines. Make sure that you eat on time and that you eat healthy foods. Here are some foods that are good for managing migraines:

  • brown rice
  • non-citrus fruits
  • vegetables that are green, orange, and yellow

Not drinking enough water. Hydration is as important as eating. Our bodies warn us if something is wrong; for example, migraines can essentially indicate possible dehydration. Hence, drinking enough fluids is imperative. 

Smoking and alcohol abuse. Smoking and inhaling secondhand smoke might trigger a migraine. Nicotine is a vasoactive substance that can cause the blood vessels in your body to narrow. Narrow blood vessels reduce blood flow to your brain, ultimately leading to headache pain. Alcohol, on the other hand, leads to dehydration and, therefore, migraines. Easily, decreasing your intake of alcohol and smoking can help you prevent migraines.

3. Medication overuse

It’s pretty ironic that medication, the very pills we take to get Cranberry Twp migraine relief, can trigger migraines. The problem occurs when we take too much medication. Pain relief is important for anyone who suffers from migraines, but we need to use pain medications sparingly and according to what the doctor ordered. Using too much medication frequently can also lead to your body becoming resistant to its properties. If you’re one who always takes pain pills whenever migraines occur, consider getting off of these meds and see if your migraines arise less. 

4. Stress

Stress can trigger many complications in the body, both mentally and physically. Our bodies produce stress hormones; an article from Science Daily says that high cortisol levels, a stress hormone, may contribute to headaches and migraines. The worse thing about this is that due to stress, your headaches can occur as the stressful situation happens, and it can also happen during the letdown phase a.k.a. the relaxation phase. To take action, consider seeing your doctor to check your cortisol levels. Meditating can also help with managing your stress.

Now, you are aware that weather changes, your daily activities, medication, and stress can lead to migraines. You are also informed of the possible quick remedies for these pains. However, one question might arise from all of these pieces of information: “Is there a natural and sure way to not only reduce the intensity and occurrence of migraine headaches but also eliminate them?”


Natural Means to Get Cranberry Twp Migraine Relief 

While most people are unaware of the connection between the spine and what happens in the body, underlying illnesses and conditions may result from issues with the upper cervical spine. For example, a slight misalignment in the brainstem can result in dire outcomes.

To illustrate better, a good blood flow level to the brain might get reduced because of a misaligned neck. Misalignment in the upper cervical spine can restrict the drainage of cerebrospinal fluid, increasing intracranial pressure. Aside from mere headaches, these issues can lead to disorientation, restlessness, mental confusion, and increased respiratory effort.

Upper cervical chiropractic treatments focus specifically on misalignments of the top two bones of the neck. Our upper cervical chiropractic office in Cranberry Twp, for example, uses safe and gentle adjustments for migraine relief. These adjustments lead to quick and lasting migraine relief. These upper cervical corrections can also help repair and heal the body from the damages that result from the misalignment.

Now is the best time to act against your migraines. If you suffer from migraines and chronic headaches, upper cervical chiropractic care might just be the treatment for you. If you have a history of head or neck trauma or if you want to see if this is the solution to matters of your health, now is the right time to schedule a consultation with us. 

Check out Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic for Cranberry Twp migraine relief.


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