Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Developmental Delay

Could upper cervical care be a solution for children with developmental delay? Listen to this mother tell an inspiring story of how her son was helped with upper cervical care.

“My son is now 23 years old. He attends Life Steps in Butler and excellent care there. He was diagnosed developmentally delayed which I think but then there wasn’t that tight that diagnosis wasn’t widespread. It was more of MR diagnosis. He had lack of oxygen in his frontal lobe when he was born. We came here, back in May he started seeing you. Since then his language has skyrocketed to where he only said all of his life one or two words put together all of his life. Last year after starting to see you he started to put sentences together at the age of 22. I mean my dad and I turned around and the look on our faces, we looked at each other and say,” He said a full sentence”. Just so amazing that… It makes me tingle just to hear it. I mean every day it’s amazing.

He was diagnosed roughly before he was two years old, we were told to put him in an institution. Don’t ever take anybody’s advice on that, goal and look into everything, everything possible. And I don’t know if 23 years ago this was an option. But always, always keep looking don’t ever give up, don’t say at 12 years old he’s never, he’s only going to be this way. I mean the educational field says that beyond a certain age your son will be the same way at this age, this is where it ends. This is where it’s going to stay, don’t ever, ever take that as gospel. Keep looking, keep looking because proof is right there with my son.

At 22 years old he started really developing fast. Just a few weeks ago we had an oral computer and I had got it upgraded for him and the man brought it back to us and with all the cords and everything and I just left it downstairs in a box. I figured I’ll get to it later, I,ll put the computer back together later. Well no, that wasn’t good enough for Josh, he wanted to put it in his room on his computer desk and somehow when I got on the phone he went downstairs. I was talking on the phone with my mom and he went out downstairs and he got the monitor, the keyboard and everything. He brought it upstairs while I was on the phone and he put it all together himself. He knew what went where and put it together himself. Later on he was so quiet in his room. I didn’t hear music going or anything and I went in there and there he is with the mouse and everything going like this, like he…he was so quiet. What did you do? And he had the computer up and running. Now this is a child, this is my son who has been diagnosed at age 2 at a 2 year old level, put it all together himself.”

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