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Can Your Child Pass this Posture Test?

In this video, Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Cranberry Twp, Dr. Ian Bulow, gives us a few tips on how to check your posture or those of your loved ones. Watch the entire video for detailed, helpful tips for a posture test.

Hey everybody, Dr. Bulow here, and this month we’re talking about Back to School. And if you look us up on the socials, this month we are focusing on #ReviveBacktoSchool.

Can your child pass the test?

Every month we have a different theme in the clinic and on the research wall next to the TV here, we have different articles that have to do with the theme of the month. We really encourage you to take an article, take it home with you, read it, study it. If you have any questions, let me know. If you enjoy it, pass it on to someone who you think would benefit from it.

The one I want to focus on today is “Can Your Child Pass the Test Article”. It’s not a math test, not a science or history test. This is a test on their spine and posture. So this ‘can your child pass’ the test article has all these different things that you can look at to see if your child may have a misaligned spine. I just want to go over a couple of highlights.

These are things that we do with all of our patients when they come in. We have you stand up nice and straight. You march in place, you close your eyes, and you just kind of reset, right? There are a couple of things that we look for that if you can be aware of them, you can look for these things in your own kids, your spouse, brothers, or sisters. 

You can check on those you care about. Have them stand nice and tall. Have them roll their head and shoulders around, then come to rest and look straight at you. When you’re looking at that person. If looking to see if they can pass the posture test – look at them from the front. You should have a capital T.

Right between the eyes, if you were to draw a line straight over the ears and right through the eyeballs, that should be perfectly perpendicular to the floor. Then there should be a straight line right underneath that T going through the nose, through the lips and jaw.

Again, You don’t want to see that tilted to one side or the other. That capital T from the front should wrap around to the side and touch the ears.

If you imagine wearing a pair of glasses, putting a marble right on the front center, we don’t want that marble to roll off to the one side or roll off to the other side.

Now, if I take that same idea, the glasses and marble, and turn to the side, then where the glasses come back and attach to the ear, that should also be a nice straight line. If we put a marble on it, we wouldn’t want the chin to be up or slouched forward because the marble would roll off the glasses forward or backward.

The one last thing is your shoulders and your spine as a whole. Have your child or your friend march in place and then just stand nice and tall. Now, what you’re looking at is the shoulders here. We don’t want to be hunched forward and don’t want to be leaning to one side or the other. The shoulders are hard to get a visual on, so I recommend looking at the thumbs. 

When someone stands and they relax, they just rest their hands at their sides. Don’t tell them what you’re looking for, but usually what will happen is they’ll just rest their hands and their thumbs will normally rest pointing down. It’s easier to see the thumbs if one thumb is dropped lower than the other thumb. 

One thumb may drop below the other one, and that’ll help you determine if their shoulders are twisted or not. Often what you’ll see is this – try it!

You’ll see if the capital T is leaning to one shoulder, the opposite thumb will be elevated a little bit because that’s your spine trying to compensate for that.

There are multiple tests, and none of these are 100% all of the time, which is why we recommend getting the thermal screening done here. This is a nice at home test that you can do on yourself and of course, your loved ones to see if perhaps there’s a spinal misalignment taking place.

As we get ready for school to get these kids checked, make sure they have a strong foundation, a clear communication between the brain and the body so they can be just the best person they were designed to be.

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