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Brachial Neuritis

I spent a year- maybe two years- in bed on large doses of Vicodin and Flexeril, until two of my sisters introduced me to Upper Cervical.  After the first visit, the next day I took no pain medicine.

A wonderful patient of ours who had been suffering for some time before starting Upper Cervical Care. I remember her telling me early on in care how the care had already paid for itself.

When I asked her what she meant, she informed be of the high cost of her medications. Sometimes the cost of being ill not only affects our wallets, but it affects our spirits and our quality of life as well.

Here is Amy’s story in text format:

“Hi my name is Amy McStay and what brought me to Upper Cervical originally was some shoulder problem, shoulder pain. I had developed Brachial Neuritis which is a rare condition that nerves in my right shoulder got inflamed, they don’t know what causes it. The first symptom is extreme pain and loss of range of motion. It should have gone away in about six months to a year, 95% of the time it does but I was the 5% that didn’t, it lasted for six years. My pain scale, they always talk about pain scale of 1 to 10, my pain scale changed. What had been a 10 when I first got this was now about 5. So I did basically about seven years on pain medicines, going to neurologists, going to orthopedic specialists. There was nothing they could do, I actually had a neurologist tell me it was a quality-of-life issue. If I wanted no pain I was going to have to stay in bed, and if I wanted to be up and around I was going to have to learn to live with the pain. So I did at least a year maybe two years in bed on large doses of Vicodin and Flexeril until my sister told me about. Two of my sisters introduced me to Upper Cervical.

And after the first visit, the next day I took no pain medicine. Originally when I started coming I think I went months without taking any pain medicine and I was up to about five a day, five Vicodin pills. Had I been to those doctors that said I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do. I’ve been told flat-out that medical science has nothing to offer so learn to live with. And I wish everybody could come. I think before you need a doctor you should have upper cervical because it will help any treatment you have afterwards to work better. But for the people who have given up or about to give up, the people who’s been told there is no nothing that can help; there might be something that can help. I mean I had IBS symptoms since I was in high school. They stopped after my first treatment. I mean it can help things that you are sure have nothing to do with your spine and sure have nothing to do with misalignment. I knew exactly what was wrong, my problem is in my shoulder it isn’t in my neck and my first response was adjusting the neck is not going to do anything. It’s amazing!”

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