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Body Imbalance Causes Many Symptoms

Can a seemingly small body imbalance such as a short leg, unbalanced shoulders or head tilt really affect our ability to be well? It can if it reflects an underlying imbalance in the function of our nervous system, which controls the function of our entire body. Listen to these two patients describe the amazing results they experienced when body balance was restored through Specific Upper Cervical Care.

You can also read their stories here:

[Dianne Fisher]
“My name is Dianne Fisher and I would like to tell you about the condition I was in when I came in and how I feel now. When I was 25 I had a back surgery and had a stroke behind that and the damage from that was my left arm and my right leg. And about nine years later I had another surgery and had a stroke again and that was my entire right side. So I had significant damage from my young years. But it didn’t bother me that much until, of course I went to therapies and those kind of things. Then later as I got older I had another stroke (which effected) my speech and then I had another one in my eye. So finally I found a doctor and when I was 58 I found what was wrong and we corrected that, which was a vein a loose vein that was (causing trouble) in my lungs…So he fixed that. But I still had; I felt like when I came in here I had a short leg. I had already seen another chiropractor and that chiropractor suggested that I could get a heel lift or I even bought a heel insert for my height because one leg was shorter than the other. I looked like my naval was on the right side of my body….

I was on arthritis medicine, I was on fibromyalgia medicine and I could hardly turn my head to the right. I could just turn it just a little bit. It’s hard to drive I had to turn my whole body. So when I started treatment that’s the condition I was in, you know I had the short leg, I couldn’t turn my head, pain in all my body from the fibromyalgia .

But after the first treatment, on my way home I guess my head turned better and then as things went along as time went along my leg pretty quickly equalized. And then I first got off the arthritis medicine, got off Sovrits, then I got off the fibromyalgia medicine. And I just had the best from April 2011 when I started until like Christmas. I was so much better it was unbelievable. Then I had a couple of falls lately because I still have a loss of feeling in places and Dr. Miles just fixes me right back up. I’m back in business so. I really, I will tell everybody, I tell my family everybody to try it. You can’t tell you know, you can just look at me and see I’m better. But it’s hard to get people to really see how much improvement you have gone through.”

[Bill Fisher]
“I’m Bill Fisher, Diane’s husband. I came mostly because Diane was coming here. But when I started I was told I had a bad shoulder which is getting better. But my biggest concern was I’m a diabetic. I found out this treatment could help the diabetes and I knew I needed to exercise but didn’t feel like it. Then after coming up here I did start feeling better which gave me the strength to exercise and now my diabetes is under control and I just appreciate Dr. Miles.”

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