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Understanding YOUR Upper Cervical Care!

How Can a Head and Neck Misalignment Affect Your Health?

In order for you to get the most out of your care, it is important to understand the scientific basis for what we do and why we do it. More specifically, you need to understand how your body was created, how it functions and how it heals.
The very first system to develop after conception is the primitive neural tube or central nervous system. After the neural tube develops, your brain and all the organs grow from it as an immature heart, bud, lung buds, kidney buds, etc. By the time you are born, all of your tissues, muscles, glands, and internal organs receive a nerve supply to and from the spine. Your nervous system controls and coordinates ALL of your bodily functions.
In order to remain healthy and function properly, your brain must send and receive messages over the nervous system from each and every part of your body. This is called brain to body communication. When one of the top two bones in your neck become misaligned and interferes with this brain to body communication, it is called a subluxation (sub-lux-a-tion). Body imbalance occurs as the rest of your spine and pelvis compensates or adapts to this head and neck misalignment.
Upper cervical is based on the universal law of cause and effect. For every effect or symptom (physical or mental), there must be a cause. Upper Cervical doctors focus their efforts on locating and removing interference to the nervous system which may be the cause of your health condition. Removing this interference can allow the body to heal itself naturally without the use of potential harmful drugs or surgery.

What is My Problem?

You Have A Misaligned Spine

  • When we look at your spinal imaging exam findings we confirmed that you have a Misaligned Spine. Spinal misalignment is often the result of accidents and injuries over time, and left uncorrected can cause pain and even permanent degeneration. Spinal misalignment also causes stress to your nervous system, which changes how you feel, how you move, and how your body functions internally.

What Needs to Be Done to Take Care of My Misaligned Spine?

Correct, Then Strengthen & Stabilize

  • Your spine needs to be corrected, monitored as your body strengthens and your 

    correction stabilizes and then examined periodically to complete your recovery and to prevent your spine from breaking down again.

What Can I Expect From Having My Spinal Misalignment Corrected?

Feeling Better, Getting Well, and Staying Well

  • Initially you will experience some relief during your intensive phase of care. As you recover you will notice a number of issues you had not related to your spinal misalignment will begin to improve or completely resolve. As you complete your recovery you will experience a renewed sense of health and well-being.

What You Need:

Correction of your Spinal Misalignment


Stabilize & Strengthen your correction with follow up visits to make sure your correction is stable


Awareness – learning to know when your spine is misaligned again


Prevention – learning to keep your spine from misaligning again

What to Expect:

Relief – You can expect some relief within your initial intensive phase of care


Recovery – requires one month for each year your spine has been misaligned


Self-Managing – determining your own need for a spinal correction


Lifetime Wellness – Keeping your spine and nervous system free of the effects of a spinal misalignment

Four Phases of Upper Cervical Care


Feeling better from having your spinal misalignment Corrected


At Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic we want to relieve your pain and symptoms as quickly as possible and to begin to put an end to your suffering

For your spinal misalignment to be corrected and stabilized you will be coming to the office more often in the first three months.


Improving and Getting Well


The ligaments and tendons will be getting stronger during this time and your corrections will become more stable and last longer. As your spine recovers it will misalign less frequently.

Strengthening & Stabilizing requires six to eight months to make sure your corrections begin to “hold” or stabilize for weeks or months. The number of visits you will make to the office will depend entirely on how well your corrections hold or stabilize.


As good as you can be


The longer your spine was misaligned, the longer it takes for you to complete your recovery. Recovery takes one month for each year your spine has been misaligned.

Discontinue your care and you will return to your original condition, which will continue to get worse over time. Continue care and you will continue to experience even more life and better health.



Living Fully and Staying Well


You will have completed your recovery and you will be able to live fully without the limitation of a spinal misalignment and keep you from spinal decay and getting back to the way you were. Once your spine was originally injured and misaligned, a 

weakness now remains for your spine to misalign again for as long as you live. 


Regular spinal examinations are the best thing you can do to make sure you don’t return to the way you were when you began your spinal care and that you stay well.

Your Alignment, Stability, and Overall Health Will Improve Over Time!

How well your spine corrects initially and how well it stays corrected will be determined by whether your spinal misalignment is:

  • Small and Simple

  • Big and Simple

  • Small and Complex

  • Big and Complex

  • Very Complicated

There are five categories of corrections (approximately 80% will be in the first two categories):

  • Immediate spinal correction, likely to stay in place for weeks at a time initially.

  • Significant correction initially, stable for days or weeks, but will need to be corrected several times before being stable for weeks or months at a time.

  • Reducible initially, unstable, but eventually correctable and able to stabilize for weeks and months (requires more initial intensive care).

  • Reducible initially, but will not correct completely. Goal to achieve relative stability and relief, but not full correction. 

  • Neither reducible nor correctable and will need to be referred for other doctors or services

Awareness - Knowing When Your Spine is in Line, and When it is Not

As you recover you will notice that a number of symptoms and conditions continue to improve, including:


  • Sleep

  • Mental focus/sharpness

  • Balance


  • Energy Levels

  • Digestion

  • Overall sense of well-being

As you recover, it will be easier to be aware of when your spine is in its normal alignment and when it is not. You may be able to know immediately or within a few hours when your spine misaligns again. When you know your spine misaligns again, or if you are suspicious about your alignment– call us and come in before your next scheduled appointment

Prevention - The Part You Play in
Taking Care of Your Spine

As you recover you will notice that a number of symptoms and conditions continue to improve, including:

As you become aware of when your spine is aligned and when it is misaligned, you will be able to become aware of when it is at risk to misalign again. With this awareness you may be able to prevent your spine from being misaligned again. 


Rest and managing stress will help you keep your spine aligned:

  • Adequate rest is critical. Mental and muscle fatigue is a major cause of the spine breaking down and misaligning again.

  • Stress causes muscle spasms and inflammation in the body, which is a frequent reason for the spine to become locked down in a misaligned position.


Greater stability is also achieved with greater levels of wellness and fitness.


  • Exercise – Finding the time on a daily basis to increase your heart rate and move your joints is a fundamental necessity for a healthy spine and body. 

  • Sound Nutrition – Quality nutrition helps to reduce inflammation and protect the integrity of your joints. 

Lifetime Spinal Care

Once your spine has been misaligned, a weakness will remain for as long as you live for your spine to misalign again. Leaving your spine misaligned for more than a month allows it to begin to break down again. Taking care of your spine is necessary for you to live fully and to keep from suffering from the structural, neurological and functional problems

Care for You, and Those You Care About

Taking care of your spine makes good sense. Once you experience the difference it makes in your life please tell your family and friends about how it has helped you and let them know there is hope for them as well. We hope the spines of your children and loved ones are never injured and misaligned, but even if no current symptoms are present, an upper cervical spinal exam is recommended from time to time to catch misalignments before they develop problems.

3 Reasons Why You May Refer Someone to Upper Cervical!

1. People need help. There are far too many people suffering with chronic health conditions, without any alternative solutions to their problems. This leads to a dependency on medications, risky surgical options, and an overall lack in their quality of life. 


2. Lack of awareness. Most people do not know that a misaligned spine can be the root cause of their health problems. This lack of awareness keeps people in a disease-management model of health care, oftentimes doctoring their conditions for the rest of their lives. 


3. Great patients get great results. If you value the Revive UCC standards of care, chances are your friends, family, acquaintances will as well. By referring others for care you are helping similar-minded patients find the same types of solutions that you have found in upper cervical care. 

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