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Your feedback is valuable in tailoring your treatment plan to your individual needs. If you’ve noticed any changes, no matter how small, they provide us with valuable insights into your body’s response to the adjustments. Our goal is to create a partnership in your care, and open communication is a key factor in achieving the best possible results. Help us provide a better experience for our patients but more importantly help others receive the best experience.

Please give us your honest feedback, and in appreciation for your time you will receive a free dog bone pillow on you next visit!

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3 Reasons Why to Refer Someone to Upper Cervical!

1. People need help. There are far too many people suffering with chronic health conditions, without any alternative solutions to their problems. This leads to a dependency on medications, risky surgical options, and an overall lack in their quality of life. 


2. Lack of awareness. Most people do not know that a misaligned spine can be the root cause of their health problems. This lack of awareness keeps people in a disease-management model of health care, oftentimes doctoring their conditions for the rest of their lives. 


3. Great patients get great results. If you value the Revive UCC standards of care, chances are your friends, family, acquaintances will as well. By referring others for care you are helping similar-minded patients find the same types of solutions that you have found in upper cervical care. 

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