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What is the Best Treatment for Arthritis?

How often have you heard someone write off their pain as “just arthritis,” or expect that arthritis and pain are normal for their age? While this may be considered common, it doesn’t mean it’s normal. What can you do & what’s the best treatment?

Think about your car. What happens when your tires are out of alignment? There is added and disproportionate wear on your tires. It may pull to one side and even begin to affect your fuel economy. The same thing happens when your spine is out of alignment. You start to have uneven wear and tear on your joints, and the lack of balance changes the way those joints move and function. Left alone, arthritis starts to develop and impacts the quality of life.

What could be even scarier is the long-term effects that spinal misalignment may have on the rest of the body. The nerves coming from the neck alone affect the brain, inner and middle ear, the eyes, hearing, sinuses, tongue, nose, lips, mouth, and neck muscles — to name a few. It’s no wonder that people with upper cervical misalignments may experience symptoms like headaches, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, ear infections, fatigue, dizziness, or neck pain.

The best way to get ahead of these issues or prevent their progression is to have your spine checked. If the above scenarios remind you of someone, we’d love the opportunity to sit down and determine if upper cervical care may be right for them.

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