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Violinist Suffering From Brain Fog Helped Through Upper Cervical Care in Cranberry Twp

Violinist Juliette came to Revive Upper Cervical to find long-term help for her brain fog. Juliette had a fall accident in January, and since then, she has felt a lot of pain in her neck and jaw. This greatly affected her life, especially as a violinist.

She could not practice well, with the pain constantly bothering her. She also noticed she has difficulty doing things she could normally do before. Her grip was not as firm as before; when she played the violin, she would notice it was more effortful now than before.

This suffering changed after she was under Upper Cervical Care at Revive Upper Cervical. Everything is working again. She could feel her brain and body communication now is functional again. She feels more balanced now, which makes her play good music again.

Watch the entire video to learn more about how Upper Cervical Care helped Juliette.

My name is Juliette, and I’m a violinist. So I had this fall in January, busted my chin. I fell on my chin, and my jaw was completely misaligned. I was getting a lot of pain in my neck and my jaw. This had trickle-down effects.

I’m a violinist. I practice a lot. I play a lot. It was affecting my playing. I had a lot of pain when I practiced a lot. I started noticing difficulties doing things that were easy for me before.

I had brain fog. My grip strength was not as good as it used to be. When I played, it was more effortful than it used to be. I was feeling this brain fog and general kind of slow… slowness in my brain. And these really fine movements and reactions need to be immediate. I was feeling like that process was just really slow. 

So I have felt much more improvement in my ability for my brain to be wired with my physicality, and everything is working better again. Playing the violin, playing any musical instrument is such a physical act, and it’s a total body involvement. 

I feel like I play my best music when I am feeling good, and when my whole body is working with me towards the goal. When I stand and practice, I feel more balanced. That affects how I hold the instrument. That affects how I use my arms. That affects how I feel connected to my feet. The big one is how my head sits on my shoulders. If I feel out of whack, it puts more strain on the muscles.

It’s just like any other athlete. What we do is just with tiny muscles, and every little amount of improvement matters.

Over a few months, I feel like I am lifted out of this morass that I felt I was in for a while of physical limitations, and I could just go about my life.

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