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Torticollis: Spinal Checks for Newborns and Young Children

When it comes to the health and well-being of newborns and young children, paying attention to their spinal health is crucial. Is your baby fussy, not sleeping, not eating (or preferring to eat on one side than the other), head tilt (also known as torticollis), or just overall not a happy baby!? Read the rest of the article, watch the video, and check out how you can help the little ones you know in your life!

What are Pediatric Warning Signs?

Is your child or a child you know experiencing any of these warning signs?

  1. Torticollis: Torticollis, characterized by a head tilt or rotation, is a clear indicator that a child’s spine should be examined.
  2. Limited Range of Motion: If a child exhibits restricted movement in the neck, spine, or other areas, it may be a sign of underlying issues that require attention.
  3. Developmental Delays: Delays in achieving developmental milestones, such as crawling, walking, or sitting independently, may indicate spinal or muscular problems that need assessment and treatment.
  4. Postural Abnormalities: Persistent asymmetrical postures, uneven shoulder heights, or hip discrepancies in a child’s stance or gait can indicate potential spinal issues that should be addressed.
  5. Unexplained Pain or Discomfort: Children who consistently experience unexplained pain or discomfort, especially in the neck, back, or limbs, should be evaluated to determine if spinal factors contribute to their symptoms.

What is Torticollis? Torticollis is a condition that presents as a head tilt or rotation in newborns and young children. It often arises due to injuries sustained during the birth process, specifically affecting the muscles and spine. The muscles in the affected area become guarded, restricting proper movement and leading to sustained postures.

The Importance of Early Intervention: It is important to identify & intervene early! Discovering & treating pediatric spinal health issues EARLY can have significant benefits! Early treatment can help restore proper alignment, promote healthy muscle development, and optimize the functioning of the nervous system. By addressing these issues during the crucial growth stages, parents can support their child’s overall well-being, prevent further complications, and promote healthy physical and neurological development.

Realigning the Spine for Lasting Relief: At the Revive Clinic in Cranberry Twp, we approach different conditions – such as Torticollis and other Pediatric conditions – by focusing on rebalancing the weight of the head and realigning the shoulders. This approach helps optimize your body’s center of gravity, reducing the excessive workload spine. By addressing the alignment of the entire spine, we aim to relieve pressure on the rest of the body of the fussy baby to help the little one get back to a healthy and happy life!

Success Stories of Pediatric Success: Don’t just take our word for it find Patient’s Stories on how they went through treatment and found relief from many conditions! Will your story be the next success story?

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