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Survived ATV Accident & Regained Her Life Through Upper Cervical Care

Sr. Isabelle was involved in a terrible ATV accident. Right then and there, she immediately felt something was wrong with her neck. She started feeling pain while falling asleep, had a concussion while walking during the day, and felt constant headaches.

Her journey to recovery was frustrating. She tried traditional chiropractic care but wasn’t getting the results she was aiming for. Until she started getting Upper Cervical Care at Revive Upper Cervical, she had heard about Revive Upper Cervical Care through a few of her Franciscan sisters. They also had tried Upper Cervical Care at Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Cranberry Twp PA.

She was skeptical at first, but once she had tried the adjustments, she was amazed by how gentle and effective the procedure was. She is very grateful for how Dr. Bulow and Dr. Savage attended to her care. He was so attentive to her questions and health history. That solidified Sr. Isabelle’s decision to be under Upper Cervical Care at Revive Upper Cervical. Sr. Isabelle now has better posture, better energy, and better sleep. In addition, pain has reduced very drastically.

Upper Cervical Care has brought her not only better physical condition but also emotional and social condition.

Watch the full video on YouTube or Facebook to learn more about her story and how Upper Cervical Care can help you. Full transcript is below

How was your care before coming to Revive UCC in Cranberry Twp?

Before I started coming to Revive, I was in a pretty significant accident. Now I can laugh about this – I was in an ATV accident. We just wrecked the ATV – a pretty scary incident. I immediately knew once I got up that I hurt my neck, and so I started having some bad pain while falling asleep, walking around during the day, I had a concussion, I was getting headaches from the concussion. I didn’t black out, but I would get dizzy.

It was still a very significant injury, and so I knew I needed to get some care. I did go to other chiropractors before coming to Revive UCC, but I just didn’t feel like they were taking care of me in the way that I needed. So it was a frustrating journey to get here, but once I did, I was really happy.

How did you find Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Cranberry Twp?

So, the Doctors of Revive have taken care of a few of our sisters. So I’m a religious sister of the Franciscan Sisters, and some of our sisters have had care with Revive UCC with vertigo, migraines, things like that. I’ve only heard good things about them from our sister.

I was a little skeptical because I have never been under cervical care. I have experienced full spinal chiropractic care. Upper cervical can seem very scary to think about someone touching and manipulating such a sensitive part of the body.

I am an opera singer – that was my major in college. So anything that has to do with the neck, I’m very, very protective of. But once I came here, I experienced just gentle care, very attentive care, and it was everything that all the sisters said it was.

How were your first appointments at Revive UCC?

So the first few appointments were very nice. Dr. Bulow took a surprising amount of time to sit down with me and hear my story, to ask me what I’m worried about, ask me any questions about my previous health, any care that I’ve had with other doctors. I had a very open door to ask him any of my own questions.

I remember getting in the car afterwards, and I thought about how I don’t think I have ever had a doctor sit down with me for as long as they did. That solidified my decision to be under upper cervical chiropractic care. 

How have things been since starting care with the Cranberry Chiropractor?

Things have been wonderful. At first, I was a case where it got worse before it got better, so that was not fun, but once I knew that as an option for recovery, that it can get worse before it gets better. So once I was experiencing that…

 I made sure I held on to hope

and I was like okay, this might be part of my healing journey, and indeed it was.

I started seeing myself and even just feeling better posture, more energy. One huge thing was better sleep. A lot less pain. While falling asleep, I used to wake up sometimes because of the neck injury in pain. That pain was reduced very drastically. I started to feel more clear headed, more ready for the day. It’s all physical, emotional, social effects from the care, which I’m pleased with. 

Any advice for others in a similar situation?

I’d say go for it 100%!

Don’t be afraid if you’ve ever had a bad chiropractic experience before, I’m sorry that’s happened. I’ve been there myself, and I can understand the apprehension that someone would have. In this case, don’t be afraid to give your issues and explain to the doctors what your apprehensions are. 

They’ve probably heard them all before.

They are ready to walk you through them all gently and with care and with joy! Don’t be afraid and give it a try.

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