Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Severe Foot Spasms Resolve Following Upper Cervical Care

When it comes to addressing pain and muscle spasm, it’s important to remember that surgical treatment is permanent. It makes permanent changes to the structure of the body that will forever change how the bones, ligaments, joints and extremities work together, and may create problems down the road by placing new stresses in the body where muscles and ligaments are permanently severed.

Before you choose a surgical option, make sure you know all your options. While surgery and medication can offer a reduction in symptoms, a more conservative and natural option may be able to offer you permanent relief by addressing the cause of muscle and body imbalance.

If you’ve developed pain and muscle spasm anywhere in your body following a traumatic experience, such as this man’s jetski accident, upper cervical care may be the right treatment choice for you.

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