What is Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Procedure

The Blair procedure is used by our Doctors and combines very specific X-rays of the left and right joints of the upper neck with a unique analysis that allows the doctor to make a precise adjustment based on a patient’s exact spinal misalignment. 

Doctors who practice the Blair technique also combine leg length assessments for spinal imbalance with a form of thermographic technology that assesses the balanced or imbalanced status of the patient’s nervous system to determine when an adjustment is needed.


Toggle Recoil / Palmer HIO Upper Cervical

The predecessor to the Blair procedure, the Toggle Recoil approach is very similar to the Blair technique. It differs mainly in the type of x-ray analysis to determine spinal misalignment, however the overall process is very similar to that of the Blair adjustment.

Knee Chest doctors used the same thermographic technology used by Blair doctors to check for nervous system imbalance, which can indicate if an adjustment is needed. They differ from Blair doctors in the x-rays that are used to assess spinal misalignment as well as the technique used for the adjustment. This procedure does involve some turning of the head, and often an audible “pop” is heard in the adjustment, yet when done accurately is still an extremely same and effective procedure.

The following three upper cervical techniques differ from the previous three in the types of x-rays utilized and in the assessments they use to determine if a spinal subluxation is present, if an adjustment is needed, and if it has been corrected effectively. They generally do not use thermographic analysis as much to assess for spinal misalignment/subluxation, but rather utilize an additional emphasis on postural assessments and muscle tone to determine the progress of a patient and if they have a misalignment in the upper neck. The main difference within the following technique systems is in the adjusting procedure. 

National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (N.U.C.C.A.)

The N.U.C.C.A. procedure is a hand delivered adjustment that is often barely felt of the patient. A gentle constant pressure is applied to the structures of the neck to allow the spine to realign itself in a very controlled manner.

Orthospinology / Grostic

While Orthospinology / Grostic doctors can adjust their patients using their hands, many prefer to utilize either hand held or table mounted instruments to restore proper alignment in their patients.

Atlas Orthogonal (A.O.) / Advanced Orthogonal

The A.O. procedure is very similar to the Orthospinology approach but with a different instrument utilized. The A.O. instrument delivers a percussive/sound wave force into the neck to influence spinal alignment.

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