Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Pet Allergies Improve With Upper Cervical Care

When the nervous system is out of balance, we may react more strongly to dust, pollen, dander and other particles in our environment. Specific Upper Cervical Care can bring balance to the nervous system, allowing us to breathe easily, and to enjoy living with our pets!

Read Merril’s story here:

“Hi, my name is Merril. I have been seeing Dr. Wagner for a year now. And when I first start coming in I had horrible allergies and scoliosis on my lower back. The scoliosis in my lower back I had diagnosed since I was 11 and a lot of the things that I would want to do I couldn’t because it always hurt my back. I would go to doctors and they give me muscle relaxers and painkillers and it didn’t help. I also had a damaged nerve in my arm to where I couldn’t use my arm to the extent that I needed to because it was painful and they told me I would eventually have to get surgery on my arm.

And when I started seeing Dr. Wagner, my allergies started going away. I have a cat, I’m allergic to cats but I’d rather have the cat and so I was always having horrible allergies from that. And so the scoliosis is gone now, I don’t have it anymore and the allergies anytime I’m out of adjustment, you can see it in my eyes and Dr. Wagner immediately knows when I’m out of alignment. Because I just walk in and you can see it in my eyes. I’m always really stuffy when I come in as soon as he adjusts me, my eyes clear up and I can breathe. So it’s that quick, that’s how effectively the alignment is for my allergies and my arm I have absolutely no issues with anymore. I have full strength in it and he doesn’t even have to mess with it anymore, it was just the first couple of months.

So the Upper Cervical Chiropractic program it really does work and I recommend it to anybody.”

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