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New Link Found for Migraines in Women in Pittsburgh PA

Headaches are a reality for as much as 46% of the population.1 This means that almost half of the entire global population struggles with an active headache problem. Out of that number women are more likely to get headaches 50% more than men, and prone to migraines 2.5 times more than men.

There are several factors that contribute to women being victim to headaches. Hormones play a large part in overall body function and high levels of estrogen are known to have a correlation to headaches. There may be a different cause that research is shedding new light on for women.

New research has found a connection between a type of headache known as Cervicogenic and women. Approximately 76% of women where bras that do not fit correctly and it may have dire consequences:

  • Tight straps improperly distribute force into the shoulders affecting posture
  • Poor posture pulls the spine forward and neck muscles out of normal position
  • Abnormal position of the spine reduces flexibility and puts pressure on nerves
  • Cervicogenic Headaches are the result of abnormal muscle and spinal bone position

In Cranberry Township headache specialist, Dr Ian Bulow, helps patients as an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. This specialty focuses on restoring the alignment of the neck primarily the Atlas (C1 vertebra) to help patients get natural relief from headaches. If the spinal misalignment is the cause of headaches when the misalignment is corrected it allows the muscles and nerves to return to their proper function, thus eliminating the cause of the headache.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic has been proven to be extremely effective at helping patients get lasting results from headaches in as little as one adjustment.

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