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Living Life Again Without Chronic Head Pain And Neck Pain

Shari has an elongated styloid process that gives her chronic head pain and neck pain all the time. She had this condition for almost three years. She has sought long-term help for her condition around Ohio and Pennsylvania.

She would experience a lot of head pain even just by moving her head to the left or right. She also had frequent headaches and neck pain that greatly affected her quality of life. Shari’s friend then recommended she try Upper Cervical Care at Revive Upper Cervical.

After over three months of Upper Cervical Care adjustments, Shari started noticing a major difference in her pain levels. Now, her headaches and neck pain are less frequent. In addition, she has improved mobility, especially in her neck area. She can also hold her alignment now for more than a week.

Watch the entire video to witness Shari’s successful Upper Cervical Care journey.

My name is Shari. I started coming because I have an elongated styloid process, and that is a very weird thing that grows. It has on the side of my head down into my jaw and neck area. I was experiencing a ton of pain.

Elongated Styloid Process (Also known as Eagle’s Syndrome)

I’ve had this condition for about three years, and I’ve looked all over Ohio and Pennsylvania for care and treatment to make the condition feel better. I would have a lot of pain from turning my head to the left or the right. Headaches, very frequent headaches, and just a lot of neck pain. 

So I was very excited when a friend told me about the practice here at Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Cranberry Twp. So after coming for about four months, I started noticing a significant difference in my pain level. 

I also had regular medical massages once a week, and I had that for three years. That was to manage the pain – keep it at a tolerable level.

Coming here was wonderful because I started to notice my headaches were less frequent. My pain was less frequent, and I had a lot more mobility in my neck from going side to side. After four months of treatment, I totally and completely feel better. I’m beginning to hold my alignment for longer than seven days, which is exciting! I had occasional pain but have seen a huge difference in my pain level from when I first started and where I am today.

To think that I had searched for four years looking for treatment options and then within four months saw some major difference in my pain level just blew me away. So I am grateful that I found Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Cranberry Twp and the doctors here.

I have to say that the customer service here is outstanding! I am a former administrator of medical practice, and customer service is important to me. It’s important where you’re going that you have confidence in and feel comfortable with. Everyone here has been amazing from the check-in staff to the physicians and medical care. It’s been a very positive experience. 

So I’m grateful and thankful that I found them, and I would recommend them to anyone who is suffering from any kind of neck or head issues going on.

It’s really good to live life again without being in pain all the time.

So in my career – I’m an associate pastor at a very small church, and I have very long days. People have problems that don’t happen nine to five; they happen outside of the normal workday. So being able to deal with people after hours without having a headache has impacted my job, my life, and my joy.

Because I love people. I love to tell people about Jesus and pour into them, but it’s really hard when your head is pounding. It’s hard to experience joy and happiness when you have a headache all the time. 

So I would say one of the biggest changes that I’ve noticed is just getting back to a place of being able to deal with people all day long, to keep a smile on my face and not be a fake smile. A real smile because the pain is gone.

So that’s probably been the biggest change and improvement in my lifestyle and my work that I’ve seen over the past four months.

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