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Life In Balance – Episode 1 – The First Step

So here it is; the first step in my new journey of raising public awareness. This video may not be the cleanest, may not be the flashiest, may not be the smoothest video on the internet, but it is my FIRST STEP. Any journey begins with the first step, and as you will hear in the video, this is how it also goes with your health!

So take the time to watch this video and as you are, ask yourself:

  1. What is my journey, and what is my destination? Where do I want to be with my health? Where do I want to take my family in their lifetime? What do I want the finish line of my life to look like?
  2. What direction am I heading in? What direction am I taking my family in? If I continue this course will it lead to happiness and fulfillment, or pain and regret? Am I moving towards or away from my desired outcome from question number 1?
  3. What changes in direction do I need to make? What do I need to ensure I am finishing where I want to finish??

Thank you for being a part of my journey, I look forward to your feedback and support all the way through!

God Bless,
Dr. B

Here is the transcript if you would life to read this instead:

Have you ever met someone that has one of those pill containers from Saturday to Sunday and every day they crack it open and they take out their supportive care for the day? Typically all the different colors and fancy names that they have picked up at the pharmacy earlier in the week or earlier in the month. We see a lot of patients like that. By the time they get to our office they’ve lost their health. And it’s my observation that people don’t just wake up one day and have all these different problems. It’s not like they wake up and say wait a second how come I’ve got, ten different medically diagnosed conditions and fifty different prescribed medications for those conditions. It’s usually slow progression over time. I don’t think people sit when they’re ten years old and dream about the end their life and be like you know what when I get older, when I get older I want to be medicated. When I get older I want to be in assisted living when I get older. When I get older I’m going to have the best doctors that are going to take care of me hand and foot every single day because I won’t be able to function on my own.

See, I don’t think people plan on that, obviously right. But how does that happen then? Very often in our clinic, when we take on a patient as a new client of ours. We look back and what we find is that there is a lot of misdiagnosis. A lot of undiagnosed issues and problems that lead to bigger and bigger and more serious and chronic health issues. See the journey of the thousand miles, beginning with the first step. We usually associate with altruistic inspiring things right. My journey with this video is to start a new paradigm of awareness and how to take care of ourselves, how to live our lives. That’s an aspiring thing, we’re going to start with this video and work every single week. But see the journey of a thousand miles can be a thousand miles in the wrong direction as well. And that’s where we find most people in their sick and chronic illness, stressed-out state, is that this is something that has been growing and progressing and degenerating over the course of decades.

It usually starts when they’re in high school and they have some sort of a whiplash injury in a car accident or sporting injury or concussion. Or maybe they have no history of injury at all but they wake up one day and how these chronic pains. So we take them to the doctor and we give them a Motrin, we give them an Aspirin, we give them a Tylenol. And then they learned that that’s how to take care themselves. So when they’re an adult and the stress builds in life, and the stress builds in relationships, and the stress builds with our eating habits because we’re working nine to five and then we got a family to take care of. So we stop and buy at the fast food restaurants and the Mickey D’s and the 7-11s, and we’re getting junk food, junk food, junk food. So when things break down we just take a pill and then one pill turns into two, and two pills turns into three, and one condition turns into five. Then we wake up and we’re fifty, and we’re sixty, and we’re seventy. And we have got our Sunday through Saturday pill containers.

So the good news is that it’s reversible. You can have a degenerated condition in your life and you can be on this journey of a thousand miles in the wrong direction and you can choose to turn around. It’s possible to turn around and begin that journey in the other direction, in the right direction, in the congruent direction. In the direction that works with your body instead of in spite of your body. So here we are the first video. This is mine first step. I’ve been milling around this blog for months and I have been telling my patients about it. I have been telling my friends about it, I’ve been telling people on Facebook about it. They are probably sick and tired of it by now, and so am I, I’m tired of waiting.

So this is my first step and here’s my challenge to you. What direction are you headed in? Are you headed in a direction that secures the end stages of life, that you’re going to be able to spend time with your kids and your grandkids? Or are we headed in another direction where we’re going to have the pill containers? See the blessing and curse of the journey is that you get to choose which direction you step in each day. So my question to you is, what’s your journey? Where are you going? and what is the next step you need to take? And if you’re headed in the wrong direction I challenge you to turn around. So stay tuned, stay connected and if you want to be a part of this journey with me, then please subscribe to the YouTube channel. Like our practice on Facebook, And certainly if there’s someone in your life that you care about and we speak on a subject matter that is pertinent to their life, then share these videos. These videos are only as good as the amount of people that they reach that need to hear this message. If there’s something you want me to talk about or you want me to research or look into, email me, message me, call me, leave a comment in the comment boxes below and I’ll be sure to follow up on those things for you. I think that this is something that’s been a long time waiting. I think it can make a great impact in the world around us if we do this together.

So thanks for hanging with me this time. I’ll see you next week, god bless.

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