Supportive Care

“In order to fully engage in life at the fullest level, there are many lifestyle choices and practices that are available to you. The primary purpose of our care is the restoration of cervical alignment and in doing so, the removal of cervical subluxations.  Once the head & spine are back in alignment, and the subluxations are removed, I am happy to share with our patients those things that I have found which have personally supported myself and my family in our pursuit of health and wellness.”

~ Dr. Bulow"



While the nutraMetrix nutritional line is full of wonderful products, the "isotonic" supplements pictured above offer a unique isotonic liquid delivery system that ensures maximum absorption. What most people do not realize is that many solid pill supplements do not absorb very well...some don't even digest at all before leaving the bowels at the end of the day!

Centrum not dissolving  If you currently taking supplements, you owe it to yourself to take our 30 day isotonic challenge: Replace your current supplements with the nutraMetrix professional line of supplements and notice the difference for yourself. If you would like to learn more about this line of supplements, please contact our office at 724-772-7060.