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The History of Upper Cervical Chiropractic

The history of Upper Cervical Chiropractic started a little more than 100 years ago. The health-care landscape was very different. The medical profession was prescribing brain-scrambling lobotomies and even endorsing certain brands of cigarettes, if you can imagine that. The world of health care was all about finding cures to each and every ailment someone had. Most everyone was focused on labeling and treating diseases, not too far off from healthcare today in a lot of ways. There was one man, however, named Daniel David Palmer (“DD Palmer” for short), who asked the question: “Why can two men go to the same bar, and one come home sick while the other remains healthy?” It was that question that drove DD to chiropractic history.

In 1985, DD adjusted the spinal bones of a patient named Harvey Lillard. Harvey did not have neck or back pain necessarily, but he had another kind of problem altogether. Harvey was hard of hearing in one ear. Long story short, after a few sessions with Dr. Palmer, Harvey was able to “hear the wagon wheels on the cobblestone” outside of Dr. Palmer’s office once again. It was a miracle!? Or was it? Why did it work? What did Dr. DD Palmer do to Harvey’s spine that restored his hearing?

One of the main ideas that Dr. Palmer and his new healing art called Chiropractic, which means “done by hand”, brought to the world was the idea that the body has within it an inborn intelligence. He coined the term Innate Intelligence because right at the moment of conception there is a new, inborn intelligence that works within the newly formed human life. From that moment on, this new life begins to grow, develop, learn, adapt, and, yes, heal. The big idea behind this new profession was that the body has the ability to heal itself from most things on its own, so long as it is not being interfered with. This is where the practice of chiropractic came in.

Dr. D.D. Palmer, and his brilliant son B.J. Palmer, found that misalignments of the spine could not only exist, they could interfere with the body’s ability to heal and function, an overall condition they called a vertebral subluxation. By careful analysis and correction of these subluxations, chiropractors began to help their patients heal more efficiently.

While some techniques and procedures have come and gone over the years, in the end that is why the profession exists. Not just to help you feel better, but to help you heal better. Chiropractic is all about helping you and your family function at your very best, regardless of any symptoms or conditions. It just so happens that when you are functioning better, you do in fact recover better, feel better, sleep better, and overall function on a higher level.

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