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5 Simple But Effective Ways to Get Fibromyalgia Relief in Cranberry

Many people search for trusted upper cervical chiropractic practices for fibromyalgia relief in Cranberry. Are you one of them? Discover the secrets to managing fibromyalgia symptoms through this guide.

Effects of Fibromyalgia in the Body

Patients who visit Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic often complain about the same symptoms. Notably, these include the following: 

  • Unexplainable body ache that doesn’t have anything to do with muscle strain
  • Tiredness that doesn’t improve even after waking up from a long sleep
  • Brain fog (impaired cognitive function) that lasts for several hours 
  • Uncontrollable muscle cramping or twitching
  • Headaches, vertigo attacks, and sleeping problems
  • Worsened symptoms of GERD or irritable bowel syndrome
  • Increased bowel or bladder activity
  • Increased risks for depression and anxiety

Until today, studies have yet to uncover the exact mechanism of fibromyalgia. Some argue that it traces its symptoms to neurological defects. On the one hand, others believe that it develops because of an autoimmune problem. Because of this uncertainty, patients largely experiment on different options for fibromyalgia relief in Cranberry. 

Some tap into upper cervical care to minimize signal interferences in the brain—which may be the reason for the onset of the disorder. Others try taking gabapentin, pregabalin, duloxetine, and other similar medications to manage or curb their symptoms.

Follow These to Take Control of Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Getting a positive diagnosis for fibromyalgia can be worrying and devastating. It can also impact your usual activities like going to work, attending to personal needs, or doing household chores. Thankfully, fibromyalgia patients and their loved ones have a better shot at managing their health by making simple lifestyle adjustments, such as: 

1. Work on your sleep patterns

About 75 percent of patients with fibromyalgia suffer from sleeping problems. Notably, a significant fraction of these individuals also experience daytime sleepiness or fatigue. If you struggle to get quality and long restful sleep because of your disabling fibromyalgia symptoms, you can do any of the techniques below:

  • Set a consistent and reasonable schedule for waking and sleeping
  • Avoid or minimize sleeping during the day
  • Check and replace your bed and pillow
  • Take Vitamin D supplements
  • Practice relaxation or mindfulness techniques

2. Learn everything about fibromyalgia

Knowing many things about your fibromyalgia symptoms can help you customize your patient care plan. For example, if you manage to identify your triggers, you have a higher chance of avoiding fibromyalgia flare-ups. So, we strongly recommend paying more attention to your body and researching more about how to cope with fibromyalgia.

3. Stay physically active

Physical activities can help you maintain good health. Plus, these can also help minimize pain and discomfort caused by fibromyalgia when you do them correctly. However, it’s no secret that exercising or performing physical activities can be uncomfortable when you constantly experience nerve pain. That’s why you should consider starting with slow and low-impact activities like walking or swimming.

You can increase the frequency or intensity of your exercises over the next few months. Additionally, feel free to try other activities if they don’t cause physical overexertion.     

4. Find ways to relax your mind and body

Studies have proven that an overstimulated nervous system can aggravate pre-existing health problems, including fibromyalgia. That’s why our chiropractors strongly recommend practicing relaxation techniques designed to calm and soothe the mind and body. Here are some ideas you can try: 

  • Steer clear from your main stressors
  • Do something fun on your time off 
  • Try the progressive muscle relaxation technique
  • Practice yoga breathing
  • Project positive images in your mind
  • Experience a soothing back massage
  • Tap into unexplored hobbies and interests

5. Natural & Gentle Treatment for Fibromyalgia Relief in Cranberry PA

Besides some of the fibromyalgia care tips we listed above, we strongly suggest giving upper cervical chiropractic a try. After all, it’s a helpful approach to resolving one of the many potential causes or triggers—an imbalance of the cervical spine. 

Studies explain that the neck bone adjustments provided by upper cervical doctors can help remove pressure in the nervous system. Essentially, careful and gentle toggles on the cervical spine ease displaced or off-centered neck bones. This helps compressed or damaged tissues like the brainstem and nerve roots recover and function normally again. Additionally, the C1 and C2 bone adjustments ensure that your nervous system can receive nourishment and get rid of toxins with greater ease. 

We strongly recommend exploring upper cervical chiropractic even if you have tried other remedies. You can also add it to your fibromyalgia care plan, especially if you previously hurt or damaged your neck.

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