In this video you will get to hear our patient Audrey before she started care in our office. What a difference time makes when your body is HEALING. We are so proud of Audrey and so glad we have been able to be a part of her journey of restoration.[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FLWL2uj3ws[/embedyt]

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Pain Is Normal…Right?

Learn the truth about chronic pain, and what can be done to fight it It is always surprising to me when I have a conversation with someone and they comment, “Oh, you know….I get the normal amount of headaches, just a couple per week.” My immediate thought is WOW! You are getting several headaches per…

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Causes of Migraines and Nausea


Migraines and Nausea Besides just excruciating pain, migraines can be associated with various other symptoms. One common migraine symptom is nausea. The nausea may even become so great that vomiting results. What are the causes of migraines and why is nausea a symptom? An even more important question is: what can you do about your…

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Popular Natural Migraine Treatments in Pittsburgh PA

Migraines are a condition that is characterized by pulsing and throbbing in the head. It is estimated that 36 million Americans suffer from migraines. As many as 18 million Americans have chronic migraines, which would be 5 or more migraines monthly. Migraines may last for only a few hours or several days, and many people…

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Your Neck is Connected to Your Vertigo

The Vertigo-Neck Connection Have you recently suffered from a head or neck trauma? Do you suffer from headaches or vertigo? The two may be related. That’s according to a case study by the Blair upper cervical chiropractic group using an Upright MRI.

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Taking the Pressure Out of Migraines


Headaches are the most common health conditions and affect everyone at somepoint in their lifetime. The challenge is for those people suffering with chronic headaches that become an unfortunate part of life. As much as 18% of women and 6% of men in the United States have active headache conditions. 

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Tracking Migraines with New Technology

Migraines are a way of life for many people, but by no means a way to live. Every year, 12 million Americans are seeking relief from Migraines. It is estimated that one–quarter of the entire US population has an ongoing migraine or headache condition.

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The High Cost of Migraines in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Headaches are causing a financial headache. Each year, more than 12 million people visit the doctor because of a headache. In fact, about $31 billion is lost annually because of missed work and decreased productivity due to headaches. The losses can be especially significant for those who suffer migraines, a neurological condition that is lumped in with…

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Migraine Treatment: Patch Work Doesn’t Solve the Problem


Migraines have a devastating affect on those who suffer from its affects. Worldwide there are as many as 46% of the population with an active headache issue and an estimated 10% of the American population with the condition.1,2 Migraines are nearly twice as common among women than they are men. Migraines are the most common…

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