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Breakthroughs in Natural Headache and Migraine Relief in Pittsburgh

Many people struggle with chronic headaches, up to as much as 46% of the population have an active headache problem.1 Anyone who has had a serious headache knows how debilitating it can be, and can affect your work, family, and recreational life.

Treatment options for headaches are very limited. The most common remedy is to rest away from everyone and everything until it passes. A new treatment is being tested where an anesthetic is being injected through the nose in an attempt to alleviate headache pain.2 The drug Lidocaine is used typically as a Nerve Block which stops all nerve signals and has many known side effects.3 This method involves inserting a catheter through the nose to the skull and using Lidocaine, to inhibit nerves that connect directly to the brain. The treatment is yielding some short term relief but has not been shown for long term success and is extremely invasive. Medical treatments like these are being used with very little success yet many headache sufferers don’t know what else to do.

Many people suffering are looking for a way to get natural relief from headaches and migraines. In Pittsburgh and Cranberry Township Migraine Specialist, Dr. Ian Bulow, is helping many people get natural migraine and headache relief. Dr. Bulow utilizes special training and methods as an Upper Cervical Chiropractor focusing on the Atlas (C1) vertebra. When the Atlas bone becomes misaligned or subluxated (out of the normal position) it has negative affects on the brain and surrounding nerves. It has been proven through research that migraine and headache patients typically have an Atlas Subluxation. After receiving Upper Cervical Chiropractic care patients have had immediate relief in as little as one specific adjustment.4


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