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4 Reasons Why Your Child May Need Upper Cervical Care

As parents, we want the best for our children. Ensuring their health and well-being from an early age is a top priority. You might be surprised to learn that even infants and young children can benefit from upper cervical chiropractic care. In this article, we’ll explore why kids need this specialized form of chiropractic care and how it can make a positive impact on their overall health and development.

Why Your Child May Benefit from Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Here are 4 Common Childhood Issues Addressed by Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

At the Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic clinic in Cranberry Twp, we’ve seen babies and children that have had issues with:

1. Colic: Many parents have experienced the challenges of a colicky baby. Excessive crying and fussiness can take a toll on both the child and the parents. Upper cervical chiropractic care can help alleviate colic by addressing misalignments in the upper neck that may contribute to discomfort and digestive issues.

2. Bedwetting: Bedwetting is a common concern for parents of young children. Misalignments in the spine, particularly the upper cervical area, can impact the nerves responsible for bladder control. Upper cervical chiropractic adjustments can help restore proper nerve function and potentially reduce bedwetting incidents.

3. Nursing Challenges: Difficulty nursing can be frustrating for both the baby and the mother. Babies who have experienced birth trauma, such as forceful pulling on the neck during delivery, may have misalignments that affect their ability to nurse comfortably. Upper cervical chiropractic care can help address these misalignments and improve nursing success.

4. Sleep Troubles: Sleep is essential for a child’s growth and development. Misalignments in the upper cervical spine can lead to discomfort that disrupts sleep patterns. By addressing these misalignments through chiropractic adjustments, children may experience improved sleep quality and longer stretches of uninterrupted sleep.

Birth Trauma and Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

The birthing process, while natural, can sometimes be traumatic for newborns. The forceful pulling and yanking of a baby’s neck during delivery can lead to misalignments in the upper cervical spine. These misalignments, even if they are small and subtle, can result in various health issues that manifest in infancy and childhood.

One Comment we have received is from one of our patients: Donna. Donna shared her joy of knowing the doctors of Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Cranberry PA. She regrets not discovering upper cervical chiropractic care sooner. Many parents, like Donna, endure months of an unhappy baby, struggling with nursing difficulties and sleep problems. Upper cervical chiropractic care aims to prevent such struggles by addressing potential misalignments as early as possible.

How Upper Cervical Chiropractors Assess Children

At our clinic, we utilize advanced methods to assess whether a child could benefit from upper cervical chiropractic care. One of these methods is infrared imaging. With handheld infrared scanners, we can identify potential misalignments in the upper cervical spine. This non-invasive technique allows us to precisely target the affected areas and provide gentle adjustments tailored to the child’s needs.

The Vicious Cycle: Muscle Tension and Persistent Issues

Here’s where the problem intensifies. As the shoulders and back muscles contract and tighten, it can exacerbate existing neck issues and lead to pain and discomfort. Similarly, the tension in the upper body can affect the lower back and hips, causing a chain reaction of problems throughout the spine.

This vicious cycle of muscle tension and misalignment can create a recurring issue that is challenging to break free from, no matter how much traditional therapies are applied to treat the symptoms alone.

Taking Action for Your Child’s Health

If you suspect that your child is facing challenges related to colic, bedwetting, nursing difficulties, or sleep troubles, consider exploring upper cervical chiropractic care. Connecting with an upper cervical chiropractor in your area can be a game-changer for your child’s well-being. Early intervention can lead to happier, healthier days for your little one and greater peace of mind for you as a parent.

Don’t wait to take action. If you’re interested in learning more about upper cervical chiropractic care for your child or want to explore whether this approach could benefit your family, reach out to us today. Together, we can ensure that your child’s journey to optimal health starts on the right path.

Seeking Relief From Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Other Doctors But NOT Finding answers

To truly address the root cause of these interconnected problems, it’s vital to focus on correcting the alignment between the head and the spine. This approach can alleviate the strain on the muscles and joints, allowing the body to function more harmoniously.

If you’ve been struggling with neck, lower back, or hip problems and traditional treatments have provided only temporary relief, it might be time to explore solutions that focus on restoring the proper alignment of your spine.

At Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Cranberry Twp, we can help you get to the ROOT CAUSE

By realigning the spine and restoring communication between the brain and the body, Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Cranberry Twp goes beyond surface-level solution not just to treat the symptoms but dives deep into the intricate relationship between the brain and the body’s systems to get to the ROOT CAUSE .

If you’re interested in learning more about the importance of head and neck alignment and how it relates to your specific condition, we invite you to visit our website for additional information and resources. Furthermore, we can assist you in finding qualified professionals in your area who can provide the necessary care and support to help you achieve lasting results.

Don’t let neck, lower back, or hip problems hold you back from living your best life. Together, we can work towards a healthier, pain-free future.

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